19 January 2015

[Drama Casting] Suzy and Park Yoo Chun in a drama

Article: Park Yoo Chun-Suzy ,”Girl who sees smell” , both sides are reviewing the offer
  1. [+1272, -170] Suzy?..........
  2. [+1253, -249] Suzy is not a lead role material yet
  3. [+1191, -205] I really like Suzy but she can’t act… So shocked when watched her in “Gu Family Book"
  4. [+1103, -194] Suzy-ya, not yet…
  5. [+255, -37] Please use actors instead
  6. [+261, -59] ;;; Someone else for the lead actress please..


KkulJaem said...

Suzy acting skills still may not be top level,but somehow i find myself enjoying her dramas.
I would love to see this pair,but it seems she turned it down.
Im hoping for Lee Yubi. That girl needs more love .