18 January 2015

Korean fans reaction to Dramabeans' Healer Ep. 10 Recap

Posting: Translation of a review from an overseas site

Source: Healer DC Inside Gallery

1. Woah.. the review is amazing. Since yesterday, I've thought about how I've been taking Healer too lightly so I'm reflecting. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Thank you to the noonim who interpreted this. I'd like to see more. I think I've found another way to enjoy the drama.
2. This is a review from abroad??? Daebak, I got the feels while reading. It's amazing to read about the depths and their understanding of the drama
3. The interpretation on Moon Ho is the best. I have a soft spot for Moon Ho's strange charm. This is it. Neither sex (gender) is good or evil. It's in the middle of Moon Ho and Myung Hee.
4. The interpretation on Moon Shik is a bit similar to mine so I was surprised
5. The reactions abroad are also so detailed Seriously ㅎㄷ
6. It's so satisfying to know that people abroad feels the same excitement as us
7. Love it
8. Heol the recap is daebak! Their interpretation is excellent. I think I've been taking Moon Ho lightly as well -- It's a very detailed recap
9. The recap is so well done
10. It steadily rises and  it keeps rising the following week (might be referring to the comments)
11. Thank you for the translation. I'd love to see other recaps too
12. The recap is so good!
13. Such a good read!


ML said...

Woah!! Daebak!!! Thanks soooo much, Jov.ie, this was precisely what I wanted to know! The Koreans are so surprised! LOL! This is so nice to read and know about....that we are actually being read.

JB also mentioned that there were funny comments from the Healer thread that were chosen for the translation. Would you be able to see if they are mentioned? I was dying to know which were the comments chosen, for obvious reasons :) and as JB says, keep the funny coming .... so it will be good to know, which are the ones considered funny both Internationally and in S. Korea. Cheers!

ML said...

It's up! :)

KkulJaem said...

Im enjoying this while i can,before this blog gets popular and brings in the trolls.haha.Here's to hoping kdrama fans are more reasonable than kpop fans.

KkulJaem said...

In my experience, at least in English they are.

Unless they happen to be fangirls of a certain actor I will not name **coughuglysweaterscough**, because that crowd is as loony as any idol fan.

KkulJaem said...

LoL. This new year i've deleted from my memories that ugly sweater and the nightmare of a drama associated with it.
I really hope this blog stays sane.And even if people have different opinion than the general crowd they can voice it without getting shut down. Respectful discussion is all i ask for. But then again this is the internet.