17 January 2015

Ji Chang Wook gets praised

ArticleJi Chang Wook, from Empress Ki to Healer, his rise to a respectable actor

  1. 1) (+63,0) Ji Chang Wook has amazed me ever since Empress Ki! The way he recites his lines and his screen presence are commendable. He's the top among the leading men his age..You can see in his eyes how he works hard. But it's good to see that his acting stands out even more in Healer. For those who havent seen Healer yet, Please watch his emotional scenes in EPisodes 10, 11, and 12. I've fallen in love with Healer, I meant Ji Chang Wook.. The actors act so well and the OST is jjang too!!!

  2. 2) (+51,)) My heart just skips a beat even at the sight of him ~ㅜㅜ He's so cool

  3. 3) (+51, 0) I love this man  ~~♥ㅋ   Once you fall, you can't escape  ^^ㅋBe careful  ㅋㅋㅑ~~♥ㅋ

  4. 4) (+25, 0) Healer is daebak. Be first in raitngs again next week  go go !!!!!
  5. 5) (+23, 0) Once you fall for him  ㅋㅋㅋㅋYou can't get out for sure... I can't get out of it that it's driving me crazy .....ㅜㅜ

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ML said...

Hi Jov.ie

Congrats on starting this blog. Thanks for your translations and for sharing them with us on DB. I really appreciate being able to know a little of what Koreans say about us, Healer and JCW.

I've also been wondering what Koreans are saying in the dcinside.com site. Javabeans of DB says it was here that comments were made on the comments in DB, which she and I find so funny. Also some of the funnier comments were translated. Have you seen them or know where they are?

That was some days ago at this site http://gall.dcinside.com/board/lists/?id=healer&page=2 I believe. If you can find those comments, please do translate them and let us know. Much thanks and keep enjoying learning and translating!!

ML said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you here!
Thanks for the support! I enjoy doing this no matter how tedious translating can get sometimes.

The DC gallery posting about JB's recap is up. I've manage to haul one DC posting so far and I'm not too sure if there are more. I had a good chuckle at how they marvel at the depths of the recap. They're so positive and entertaining!

ML said...

Hi Jov.ie, can you also translate from the spoken to English? If so, can you translate the interview that JCW did with KBS for their news?

ML said...

Hi Jov.ie
Have you gone to this Korean site before?
Lots of news about JCW there that you might like to translate. :)

ML said...

Or... I should have given you this link instead?


KkulJaem said...

He is really charming. His acting is amazing as well. I knew him through healer. I watched his dramas Empress Ki and Warrior Baek DongSoo . He is really exploding with charms. Looking forward for his next drama.




KkulJaem said...

Ouu..its mine first time seeing him act in Healer.But he totally deserves the popularity he's gaining.Love this drama,love him

KkulJaem said...

I watched him in Empress Ki & fell in love <3 he's very charming :)
I haven't watched healer yet tho..

KkulJaem said...

I highly recommend it!