9 February 2015

Yeo Jin Goo and CNBlue's Jong Hyun headline KBS Friday drama 'Orange Marmalade'

Article: 'Yeo Jin Goo' cast in KBS "Orange Marmalade'

1. [+6,809, -196] Ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠI really like Yeo Jin Goo but... ㅠㅠㅠin the opinion of someone who has read the webtoon...it's so different from what I have in mind

2. [+5,380, 60] I really like Yeo Gin Goo but!!! The webtoon's female lead is really importantㅜㅜ Please don't use an idolㅜㅜ

3. []+2,688, -102 Woah, it's Yeo Jin Gooㅠㅠ

4. [+2,316, -81] Daebak. Looks fun. Who will the female lead be?

5. [+1,793, -71] So looking forward to it~^^ ♡♡♡

6. [+320, -13] Pay attention to who you cast or else it will end up like 'Cantabile'

7. [+303, -2] Please cast an actress for the female lead

8. [+246, -55] Heol?? Daebak, I've read 'Orange Marmalade'ㅋㅋㅋ And now they're making a drama version ㅋㅋThe female lead is really important.. with her long hairㅋㅋ Please cast a cute little brother for the female lead!

9. [+217, -12] Heol.. Ji Goo-yah, if you play Jae Min, I'd welcome it with open arms

10. [+182, -3] I love 'Orange Marmalade'Please use an actress and not an idol for the female lead!

Article: CNBlue Lee Jong Hyun cast in 'Orange Marmalade'

1. [+99, -15] Will he be playing Shi Hoo? Seems good

2. [+77, -5] At this rate, it'll be good?

3. [+74, -7] He was fine in 'Gentlemen's Dignity' ㅎㅎ Looking forward to it

4. [+63, -6] Oh Ho~ Lee Jong Hyun seems fine.. Can't wait for 'Spy' to end so I can watch this^^

6. [+18, 0] This is great!! But this doesn't suit Yeo Jin Goo

7. [+53, -42] Don't use idols..

8. [+14, -2] Will I be able to finally watch Jong Hyun oppa in a drama?? If he confirms this, I would definitely watch this!!

9. [+14, -4] Heol nice!!!!!!!!


KkulJaem said...

As someone who avidly reads Orange Marmalade.... what? I can't see Yeo Jingoo matching any of the lead male characters. :/
Well, here's to hoping they cast the perfect Mari!

KkulJaem said...

Ive no idea about the anime. But Jin goo is such a talented actor.Now he's even made a transition into lead roles.
As for Jonghyun the least said the better.He was terrible in Gentleman's dignity.I hope he's improved

KkulJaem said...

What is it about? A brief please?

KkulJaem said...

Orange Marmalade? It's a webtoon about a vampire in high school named Mari. Vampires live among humans and there's a social stigma against them, even though these vampires usually just drink pig's blood (not directly from the animal *shudder*) rather than feast on humans.
Mari has to keep her being a vampire a secret, since her family had to deal with verbal attacks when she was a child for it. It's a really good series, much more interesting than I make it sound, and I definitely recommend it!

KkulJaem said...

i read OM too, and i agree you.. i cant see jaemin's charms in yeo jingoo. but well he is a great actor let's wish he can do well.. and baek mari's gonna be aoa seolhyun? really (cant judge bc never watched her acting)? all the best lol

KkulJaem said...

Thank you for your reply.It sounds interesting. Now waiting to see who they cast as the female lead,since she seems to be the lead protagonist-the vampire

KkulJaem said...

She's confirmed? I can't help feeling disappointed, but I shouldn't say anything since I've never seen anything she's acted in. I guess I'd better lower my expectations, since Mari (and her internal conflicts) are obviously a big focal point as the main character.