9 February 2015

CNBlue Lee Jung Shin in 2-Episode drama 'Thank You, Son'


Article: "Lee Jung Shin forms a new band?"...Exclusive preview to 'Thank You, Son'

1. [+239, -22] He barely has any singing parts in CNBlue songs but this time he singing all the parts in a song  so I'm so excited ㅎ Looking forward to it. Fighting !!!!

2. [+185, -27] I like Jung Shin ㅠㅠ Work hard!

3.  [+166, -22] He's a cool idol~~ I hope my son grows up admirable and tall  like Jung Shin^^

4. [+168, -31] He's really handsome. I'm a guy but I want to look like that ㅠㅠ

5. [+147, -22] Jung Shin is singing! It's the first time so I'm looking forward to it, fighting 

6. [+122,  -18] The CNBlue members are all versatile!

7. [+103, -20] ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎSo charming!! Please show us great acting

8. [+96, -13] Excited for our Shin-ie! Work hard ♡♡


KkulJaem said...

6. [+122, -18] The CNBlue members are all versatile!
Ahem! i beg to disagree. Jonghyun is a wonderful singer,love his vocals but he's a terrible actor.He murdered the role in Gentleman's dignity.

shiro 白 said...

OMG I cant believes I've just found about tjis article!. Thanks kkuljaem for translating <3