23 February 2015

Im Si Wan's Pictorial with W Korea

Article: "It's not Misaeng"... Im Si Wan's chic daily life
Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+670, -24] A handsome and intelligent manㅠㅠㅠ I wanna see him in another masterpiece like 'Misaeng'

2. [+496, -18] He's sort of dreamy and sexy at the same time... I love Im Si Wan

3. [+385, -17] So freaking handsome

4. [+332, -18] I wanna see him in another project~^^

5. [+298, -16] I love you Im Si Wan♡♡♡

6. [+50, -3] So different from Jang Geu Rae;;; He's really destined to be an actor

7. [+45, -3] Never would have thought he was  an idol when I was 'The Moon Embracing the Sun'. I doubted it at firsㅋㅋㅋt But then I saw him dancing with Kwang Hee on a music broadcast

8. [+41, -2] So handsome


KkulJaem said...

Geurae Gurae Jang Gurare. <3
I hope he comes back with a equally good project.