28 February 2015

Ji Chang Wook claims he's not dating Park Min Young

Article: Ji Chang Wook, "Am I dating Park Min Young? Did we really do a good job in our acting? 
Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+4,625, -70] I know Ji Chang Wook was so handsome in Healer but seriously,  he was so handsome in the drama that he left me speechless!!

2. [+4,151, -80] Ooh He's so handsome...

3. [+3,145, -69]Ah... Ji Chang Wook is jjang

4. [+2,596, -195] They really were a good pair^^

5. [+375, -24] Has Ji Chang Wook always been this handsome...Really surprised me how handsome he was in Healer

6. [+364, -17] His acting is that good and he has great chemistry with his female lead that's why viewers make up these assumptions. He is always so charming in his interviews too.  But is he really going to the army? That's unfortunate because I just became a fan and now I have to wait 2 years to see him again

7. [+309, -21] I really like Ji Chang Wook Great at acting and has a handsome face

8. [+298, -17] Ji Chang Wook's acting ability, voice and looks are guaranteed to make him a Hallyu star. I wish him more success in the future. I admit that he's such a heart stealer. Anyone who have watched Healer are aware of the heart attacks he gave us~^^

9. [+286, -19] So addicted to him! I didn't fall this hard even during the 'You who came from the stars' craze. I'm such a huge fan of his. He speaks well, his instagram posts are totally adorable and has a good personality ... I heard he did well in school too

10. [+266, -18] In terms of looks and acting ability, I think he's the top among the actors in their 20s. He has a great personality too..^^

11. [+237, -23] I didn't watch Healer when it was aired on TV but I watched it on the internet and I would say their chemistry is really no joke; Now, I get why women like Ji Chang Wook so much

12. [+195, -10] Ah Healer Best drama of my life


KkulJaem said...

i totally agree with them <333 JCW total heart stealer

KkulJaem said...

I hope he will sign on another project before he goes to army :(

KkulJaem said...

His acting is so convincing that fans will always want to ship him with his lead actresses xD

KkulJaem said...

I really like Ji Chang Wook♥

KkulJaem said...

healer was everything !

KkulJaem said...

he's not planning on going until next year... so, hopefully!