15 February 2015

Lee Ki Woo-Lee Chung Ah couple for Elle Korea

Article: Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah express their love with their eyes in a couple's pictorial 

1. [+1156, -10]  They match each other so well. Please date happily

2. [+856, -9] They're both so beautiful. I hope they last long

3. [+497, -6] They match well! They should film 'We got married'~

4. [+69, -3] I used to think that Lee Chung Ah looked countrified and not that pretty when she debuted but now she evokes a beautiful aura in her. I don't think she's had plastic surgery either because she looks the same. Anyway, I love how she looks pleasantly simple~

5. [+72, -7] Lee Chung Ah is so pretty ~~~

6. [-64, -2] I saw them in Lee Seung Chul's concert and they looked so good together.


KkulJaem said...

Aww..our alternate lead from "Flower boy ramyun shop"(Although I was Team Cha chi soo all the the way).

So what if he didnt get the girl in the drama,he got the girl in the real life.Hehe.