15 February 2015

SBS weekend dramas experience drop in viewer ratings

Article: SBS weekend dramas' ratings, how far down will they go?

Article talks about the ever dipping ratings of SBS weekend dramas that they're not even reaching 5% anymore. The latest episode of 'The family is coming' took in 2.6% while 'My heart twinkle twinkle' brought in 2.7%.

1. [+982, -15] After 'Gentlemen's Dignity', there hasn't been anything good.

2. [+821, -20] Who is in charge of picking out the dramas? Fire that person..What are they thinking putting out dramas like these?... Learn from MBC. Their dramas are really doing well these days

3. [+661, -11] This is why casting is important. To be honest, the main leads are not very appealing so I can see why viewers have lost their interest. Even if you combine both dramas, the ratings won't exceed 5~6%

4. [+112, -6] Even  Hyun Bin who is considered a top star, the ratings in his drama are terrible... Please hire a skilled screenwriter~

5. [+78, -8] There hasn't really been anything memorable after 'Secret Garden', 'A thousand's day promise', and 'A Gentleman's Dignity'.

6. [+71, -4] Well ㅋㅋ Cable dramas have better ratingsㅋㅋ

7. [+76, -10] SBS dramas haven't been doing well lately except for 'Punch'..


KkulJaem said...

I like Pinocchio.. Hemm...

KkulJaem said...

They really are boring.
Tvn dramas have made me a fan.

KkulJaem said...

maybe because this is a weekend.
may i ask, who get the high rating for weekend drama time slot ?

KkulJaem said...

What Happens to My Family (KBS) a drama that just ended had ratings in the 30%-40% and no episode under 20% viewership. Also Rosy Lovers and Legendary Witch (both from MBC) are doing well lately with ratings over 20%.