21 February 2015

[Spoilers] The Legendary Witch Ep. 35

Article: 'The Legendary Witch', Ha Seok declares to Go Joo Won "Han Ji Hye is my woman"
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,513, -101] Ha Seok Jin is so cool..

2. [+2,688, -91] Ha Seok Jin is so handsome.

3. [+2,310, -68] So cool of Ha Seok Jin...

4. [+2,019, -68] Even from a man's perspective, I think Ha Seok Jin is truly handsome!!

5. [+1,872, -95] Ha Seok Jin acts so well.

6. [+836, -12] If I were Go Joo Won, I would've just closed my eyes and be over with it but the fact that my wife is with another man would feel like the skies falling on me.. Han Ji Hye is the most pitiful

7. [+762, -20] Ha Seok Jin is cool but I understand the husband.

8. [+529, -11] Today, Bulldog Soo Mi was alive.


KkulJaem said...

ha seok jin is love. i hope he gets happy ending :))