18 February 2015

Teasers released for upcoming tvN fri-sat drama 'Super Daddy Yeol'

Article: tvN 'Super Daddy Yeol', Lee Dong Gun-Lee Yoori for romantic comedy 

1. [+906, -6] Excited for Lee Yoo Ri to shine this spring

2. [+621, -6] A change of role for Lee Yoo Ri. Looks like it's gonna be fun,,,!

3. [+521, -11] She has always played the antagonist so I'm excited to see her in a different role!!! Looking forward to it. I love Yoo Ri's acting!!!

4. [+348, -7] You can trust Lee Yoo Ri!!

5. [+57, 0] With the exception of her role as Yeon Min Jung, Lee Yoo Ri has always played the role of gentle and nice daughter-in-law. She has always shown solid acting in her dramas. I like that she's out more recently

6. [+54, 0] Wishing Lee Dong Gun all the best!!!

7. [+41, -1] The casting really matches with the webtoon. I hope Lee Dong Gun gets more recognition through this


KkulJaem said...

7. [+41, -1] The casting really matches with the webtoon. I hope Lee Dong Gun gets more recognition through this.

Exactly.How many years has it been since he's played secondary characters! Dong gun needs more love.

KkulJaem said...

I think he was the first lead on drama My Little Bride.

KkulJaem said...

Oh okay. Had no idea,because i havn't watched that drama,actually havn't even heard of it. :)

KkulJaem said...

Yeah... It's an old drama.

KkulJaem said...

Thank you for this, I look forward to this drama!

PS: can I request more translations of k-fan reactions to dramabeans comments on dramas? Not only Healer but if you can find their reactions on Pinocchio or Kill Me Heal Me comments, I would love to read that.

KkulJaem said...

Hey Lily,

I think the reason why dramabeans Healer recaps elicited so much buzz from k-fans over at Healer's DC Inside Gallery is because of the number of comments on the recaps which reached thousands, a situation which was rare and fascinating for the dramabeans community. This instantaneous rise in the number of comments got the attention of k-fans. And afterwards, the quality of the recaps, fan arts, and viewer comments also generated lots of praise from them. There are no kfans reactions on dramabeans recaps for Kill Me, Heal Me and Pinocchio that I could find but I’ll be on the lookout and will definitely post them here:)

KkulJaem said...

Thank you for replying! (I'm sorry I saw this late). but yeah, I am interested in what kfans think about international drama fans' comments about any drama, not just the two I named, and if they pay attention, so that's why I asked! Thank you for all your hard work in translating the comments!