20 February 2015

Will Ji Sung receive the Daesang?

Article: 16 Years since debut, will Ji Sung seize this opportunity to win an Acting Daesang?
Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+16432, -237] Giving him an award is still not enough.. His portrayal of multiple personalities is goosebump-inducing;; But the only thing is this drama is aired too early in the year..ㅜ

2. [+12375, -191] He deserves to receive it. Ji Sung's acting is impressive

3. [+11677, -182] Even giving him 7 awards wouldn't do it for such amazing acting  To be honest, I didn't have a big expectation for this drama at first but it has been so good recently

4. [+10748, -213] What? Ji Sung hasn't received a Daesang yet? Let's give it to him!! At the year ends award ceremony, let's all meet Do Hyun, Se Gi, Perry, Yo Seob, Na Na,  Yo Na and Mr.X!!

5. [+1238, -38] If Ji Sung didn't get cast for this drama, it would be in ruins right now. This drama lives because of him

6. [+1191, -34] I think we're deciding too fast. 10 months after its airing, it might soon disappear from our memories because we forget too easily !!!!

7. [+1091, -45] Please allow viewers to vote on who'll receive the Daesang!

8.  [+926, -32] Yes, you must give him the Daesang!!! That's what's humane!!!!!!


KkulJaem said...

yes of course he deserve it oppa fighting i will support you for ever ^^
thank u ^^

KkulJaem said...

He seriously is good in the drama. I don't think "Kill me, Heal me" would be the same if Lee Seung Gi had taken the role.

KkulJaem said...

Mbc has to give it to him. He came in 1 freaking month before air date, 1 month, Rehearsed, and delivered characters for all the personality they threw at him. Not only does he deserve that award, they owe him a bonus.