9 February 2015

Writer Im Sung Han's Makjang world

Article: 'Apgujeong Midnight Sun' Disappearance --> Premonition-->Death?...I'm Sung Han's amazing world

Source: MyDaily via Naver

1.  [+3,502, -84] Stop giving Im Sung Han so many articles. Don't waste your time on this trash of a drama

2. [+2,297, -54] Truly a crazy writer.

3. [+1,383, -34] I'm not even surprised anymore~

4. [+1,637, -44] Were you guys not suprised at first of who the writer of this drama would be?

5. [+1,456, -35] .. What is this writer thinking that she only creates bizarre stories;; It's lost in the mountains

6. [+247, -6] Is she going to kill Park Ha Na because she wants to make her niece Baek Ok Dam the female lead? ㅋ

7. [+235, -5] I don't know much about Im Sung Han but the way she kills off her characters easily make it a problematic matter --;;

8. [+234, -9] The writer has mental problems


KkulJaem said...

Is she the writer of Princess Aurora.Lol.

KkulJaem said...

Lol I thought the same thing!

KkulJaem said...

Yes, she is the writer behind that crazy crazy drama haha