24 February 2015

Yeo Jin Goo confirmed as the lead male for Orange Marmalade

Article: Yeo Jin Goo, 'Orange Marmalade'  confirms casting offer... His first attempt on fantasy
Source: X Sports News

1. [+1,545, -115] He grew up so well:)

2. [+1,372, -174] You can trust Yeo Jin Goo. Can't wait for Mayㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+922, -111 Thank you Jin Goo oppa

4. [+407, -6] Yeo Jin Goo doesn't suit the role of Jung Jae Min according to someone who has read the webtoon

5. [+359, -6]  I like Yeo Jin Goo but this role is not for him.. Read even just the first chapter to see for yourself

6. [+315, -7] The female lead is Seolhyun;;;;; Let's not use an idol

7. [+253, -7] Seolhyun is not confirmed yet, right...? If they cast her....phew

8. [+221, -5] I've read the webtoon so I agree that this role won't suit him. But I look forward to it because he's good at acting. But the lead female is Seolhyun. She doesn't suit it too

9. [+153, -3] I really like Yeo Jin Goo but.. I can't see him in this role. To be honest, in terms of visual , this would suit Ahn Jae Hyun better because he's tall and has a pale complexion. But his acting is not up to par. It's Yeo Jin Goo so let's trust him this once. Please cast a lead female who acts well!

10. [+109, -5] Disappointed with the cast lineup.. Yeo Jin Goo and Jae Min are far from similar ....