16 March 2015

Busker Busker's 'Cherry Blossom Ending' topping the charts again

X Sports News: "4th spring and 1st again"... record-breaking climb on music charts

1. [+4961, -110] Every year, when the cherry blossoms start to bloom.. we'll hear of this song. But I strangely don't get sick of itㅋㅋ

2. [+3283, -76] "As the spring wind blows~The scattering cherry blossom petals spread out on the street~"

3. [+2795, -50] Cherry blossom zombie is here again

4. [+2040, -60] "Today let's walk together on this street~"

5. [+478, -26] I'll never get sick of this song to be honest..

6. [+399, -14] Jang Beom Jun probably feels burdened. He can choose to release an album but it will be hard to surpass 'Cherry Blossom Ending'. But I acknowledge that this will always be the top spring song

7. [+319, -14] I honestly like to listen to it especially when I drive and the windows are open

8. [+300, -13] It comes back every year, but it's a new feeling every time

9. [+269, -19] The best one after Brown Eyes' 'Already 1 year'

10. [+168, -5] Must be pension time already


도화 said...

I miss Busker Busker ;__;

vivi said...

this song is just right for spring
just good to hear it to relax or just to feel happy
love the song