30 March 2015

Dispatch apologizes for Yewon-Lee Taeim misreports

e News 24 - Naver: Dispatch apologizes for the 'Lee Taeim and Yeowon coverage, "Have put blind faith to the witness... We apologize to Lee Taeim" 

1. [+31780, -377] The best novel of 2015 goes to Dispatch

2. [+31518, -643] Making excuses with the Vietnamese witness.. It's an article with an intent to bury someone. . How much money did you receive?

3. [+24996, -285] Still no word from Yewon-ssi

4. [+18459, -307] Dispatch ruins people

5. [+6124, -65] Everyone's apologizing except for Yewon

6. [+5316, -47] How much did Star Empire give you?

7. [+4676, -45] Lee Taeim: Dispatch, you don't like me, right?

8. [+2485, -18] Yewon deserves the Daesang. She got a public apology and then acted as the victim

9. [+2147, -11] Lee Taeim-ssi, please sue Dispatch for defamation of character

10. [+940, -6] Dispatch might have to change their motto from 'News is fact' to 'News is novel'

Sports Chosun - Nate 

1. [+3153, -108] Does an apology solve everything? When  Lee Taeim got totally ruined?

2. [+2562, -83] Next one, Yewon

3. [+202, -3] Look at them placing the blame on the witness

4. [+197, -3] What would you have done if Lee Taeim ended up committing suicide? Dispatch,  go to Lee Taeim and personally give her your apology. And Yewon, you come out and apologize too. The more you drag it out, the more it gets worse.

5. [+162, -8] Lee Taeim, sue them


Mapel said...

1. [+3153, -108] Does an apology solve everything? When Lee Taeim got totally ruined?

But thats what human do if they make a mistake.
You sounds like that guy in that drama "If apologize solved everything what for there arwe law and police"

♥aLin♥ said...

shock by that vote tho...my god!!! thats so many!!! hot topic ever in korea now or wht?? lol

Cualquier persona said...

At this rate Yewon is going to end up like T-ara well nope, at least T-ARA is successful in China....bye Felicia upss Yewon...

Exactlly said...

Wow this scandal totally covered up Suzy/Lee Min Ho. Yewon is going to end up like Clara or T-ara at this point if Star Empire doesn't figure something out FAST.