29 March 2015

Extreme diets of female celebrities

IU - 1 apple + 2 sweet potatoes + 1 glass of protein shake 

 Suzy - 1 sweet potato + chicken breast + 1 glass of milk 

 Park Shin Hye - Breakfast: 1 cucumber + 1 glass of low-fat milk 

 Lunch: 1/2 cup rice + lettuce, Dinner: 1 cucumber + lettuce 

Ailee - 1 banana+chicken breast + veggies 

 Park Bo Ram - Breakfast: tomatoes + 1 sweet potato + chicken breast + veggies 

Lunch: chicken breast and veggie salad + diet shake 

3pm : 1 banana + 3 egg whites + 1 egg yolk 

6 pm: 1 sweet potato + chicken breast + veggies 

Dinner @ 9pm: 1 banana + 2 egg whites + 1 egg yolk + walnuts

Hwang Jung Eum - 1 meal in a day of tofu and black beans 

Instiz: Extreme diets of female celebrities

-That's just one meal for me if you put everything together

- I wouldn't be able to live like that... You need to eat in order to liveㅠㅠㅠ

-Those are just snacks to me

-They'll just collapse with diets like those

-I'm eating chicken and drinking pop right now

-Need to start my diet this Monday


goldenmellow said...

Park Bo Ram's is the only reasonable one

jungkooknoona said...

Still u need to fulfill calories' need in a day....

sleepyneve said...

Well, this isn't surprising, but I wish they would just eat proper meals. It's so sad that they have to go on these extreme diets.

ai haibara said...

I also have that diet because I have insulin resistance, it works if you want to lose weight (1/2 kg per week states my diet) but snce I'm already under weight it's annoying

and you can't skip meals, that's worse

Exactlly said...


aeterna009 said...

There are times that I only eat 2 meals a day and when I do I'll be shaking, have a headache and cold sweats.. I could barely walk. I don't know how Hwang Jung Eun can only do the "one meal a day" diet.

With the kind of work they have, I bet some of them take appetite suppresant.

Rin said...

How can they eat like this and still have flawless hairs and skins?

bell said...

oh my god

stay hydrated said...

Skin laser at clinics to tighten pores so it doesn't get dirt and spots, and hair treatments and masks every day (and lots of hairspray lolololol)

Eon099 said...

Park Boram diet looks delicious, but it surely need determination to prepare all that 0__0