29 March 2015

'Gag Concert' makes a new skit based on 'Unpretty Rapstar'

TV Report - Naver: 'Unpretty Competition', Heo Anna transforms into Jessi, 'Grilling others with diss on looks' 

1. [+3507, -208] Gag Concert is on a downfall.. tsk.... Bye, jjaijian...

2. [+2940, -146] Saw this earlier and it was so boring

3. [+2097, -189] 'People Looking for a Laugh' is more fun

4. [+338, -14] Are they running out of ideas that they're copying the concept of a cable show

5. [+228, -11] It wasn't fun... I switched to another  channel

6. [+127, -7] 'People Looking for Laugh' is catching up

7. [+104, -5] Gag Concert used to be fun...

8. [+55, -4] Gag Concert was fun back when they had Yoon Se Yoon, Ahn Yeong Mi and Kim Yoo Mi on the show~ Kim Young Hee, Kim Jimin and Shin Bora are funny but GagCon is seriously running out of ideas ㅜㅜ