5 March 2015

Han Groo offered lead role in 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'

Article: Han Groo strongly considered as the female lead for MBC's 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'
Source: tv Report

1. [+1917, -65] ㅋㅋㅋPeople who read this would know that this won't suit Han Groo

2. [+1572, -70] Sorry. I don't think it will suit her.

3. [+870, -166] She was so charming as Joo Jang Mi in 'Marriage not Dating'

4. [+249, -31] Not fit for  lead role in public broadcast yet

5. [+209, -13] Not Han Groo, please. The story has a romantic feel to it and I think Han Groo is a great actress but not for this role. A good example would be Park Min Young's character in 'Sungkyungwan Scandal'

6. [+149, -10] Again.... Another work is ruined

7. [+96, -8] I like her but her voice won't match well with sageuk dramas

8. [+93, -8] Heol... No way


KkulJaem said...

Why are these knetz always judging before watching? Han Groo is a good actress and there's no harm in trying out a new genre...

KkulJaem said...

yeah I would understand the judging if she was a bad actress but she's actually really good. Just that sageuks are difficult with the speech etc.

Still, she's much more fit for public broadcast lead roles than people like Go Sung Hee or Jin Se Yeon, at least she can act!

KkulJaem said...

like me, they don't think she's a good actress...that is all

KkulJaem said...

she is an average actress, it'll probably be ok, what's the big deal anyways

KkulJaem said...

since it adapts from popular webtoon, knetz usually already have their own casting for the leads. Anyway, HG is a good actress, so she would likely prove knetz wrong

KkulJaem said...

When people say her voice doesn't fit sageuk I wonder if there was no high toned person born in those days. Like only deep voices were born or what?

KkulJaem said...

Nope, I think it's just the kind of voice you have to embrace in sageuks. Just like how Hollywood keep making actors act with british accents on historical films/tv series.

KkulJaem said...

If she's not confirmed I'd really like to see Kim Jiwon do the role tbh.