17 March 2015

Hani talks about why she got rejected from JYP Ent

Hani: "I was a trainee alongside Hyorin, Song Ji Eun, and Yuji at JYP Entertainment. But I was the one who got cut first because it appeared that I wasn't worth the investment and that I looked weak.

"I really like my fellow members.  During these 2 years, we have become sisters."

Ilgan Sports - Naver: '1 vs 100', Hani's expulsion from JYPE.. Not worth the investment 

1. [+18221, -375] How many has JYP rejected already;;;;;;

2. [+11924, -393] Park Jin Young: trembling trembling..

3. [+11210, -208] JYP rejected a lot of celebrities

4. [+9011, -681] He's probably hitting the ground right now because of regret ㅋㅋ

5. [+1862, -114] IU is the most prominent one out of those who got rejected

6. [+986, -76] Kids that JYP rejected.. Hyorin, CL, Hani, IU...

7. [+942, -70] Hani probably got cut because she doesn't fit the image that JYP's looking for. To be honest, her singing is not as impressive as IU or Hyorin and she only got popular through a fancam. I'm not sure if their next album will be a success or failure but I don't think she's a big loss to JYP. They have Suzy anyway

8. [+788, -15] IU didn't get cut but she rejected her audition, right?

9. [+541, -65] JYPE would be daebak right now if they have IU and Hyorin

10. [+249, -18] She should just stop talking about her jyp story


Lily said...

She got asked about the JYP story so she answered, she'd be called rude if she didn't.

and yeah JYP really lost out on the chance to keep some good idols, like half of Beast, Hyuna, CL, IU, Hyorin, now Hani......JYP needs to stop being so hung up on image and start looking at talent too.

도화 said...

Damn CL too~ JYP lost 3 super popular artists.

goldenmellow said...

I don't really think she's THAT special (not hating, she's cute and talented but #7 is right), but turning down someone like IU blows my mind. I guess it worked out the best in the end though.

justjuliet said...

I think she's really sweet (esp. after the video where she mouths "thank you" to the guy who recorded the fancam.) but...if she was in JYP, that fancam wouldn't have been recorded since JYP doesn't do songs like that, and she would've stayed how she was before the fancam.

JoyBells said...

As much as i love Hani-she's pretty,sexy and smart.Looking solely at her talent singing wise,you can't exactly blame JYP for thinking she was a weak candidate. How was he to know in advance that a fancam would rocket-off her success.
Among the others,IU shocks me.Didn't he hear her voice!!!

Nova_REMIX said...

CL left. She wasn't cut...

Askywalker said...

i think turning down someone like Hyorin blows my mind too...
but IU is at LOEN which is probably bigger than JYP. since it's a major music distributor for all the other smaller kpop companies.

Askywalker said...

JYP "lost" or rejected a lot of trainees that are now famous kpop idols

Cho-rong (A Pink)
CL (2NE1)
Jang Dong-woo (Infinite)
Euijin (Sonamoo)
Haeryung (Bestie)
Han Ji-seo (Hannah)
Hani (EXID)
Hong Jin-young
Hoya (Infinite)
Hyomin (T-ara)
Hyorin (Sistar)
Jaekyung (Rainbow)
Ji Eun (Secret)
Jihyun (4Minute)
Jo Youngmin (Boyfriend)
Jo Kwangmin (Boyfriend)
Junghwa (EXID)
Kimberley Chen
Kim Hansol (Topp Dogg)
Lee Gi-kwang (Beast)
May Doni
Park Jaehyung
Raina (After School)
Say (EvoL)
Seo Eunkwang (BTOB)
Seyong (My Name)
Shin Peniel (BTOB)
Shin Soohyun (U-KISS)
Son Dong-woon (Beast)
Daeryong (Tasty)
Soryong (Tasty)
Uji (Bestie)
XERO (Topp Dogg)
Yang Yo-seob (Beast)
Yein (Lovelyz)
Yoon Doo-joon (Beast)
Yoo Young-jae (B.A.P)
Shownu (Monsta X)