14 March 2015

Hwang Jung Eum's post-KMHM interview

How do you feel now that 'Kill Me, Heal Me' has ended?
-I feel blessed to have been a part of it. A lot of people cheered for us so I felt so thankful and happy while in the process of wrapping it up. It was a meaningful drama and it  also was the first time I anticipated watching the broadcast because I was curious of how my acting would turn out. I was inspired every time we filmed and also because I really admire writer Jin Soo Wan.  It's hard to express how I feel in words but this gave me a chance to re-evaluate my life and that I can confidently say I'm a really a happy person which is something that I barely acknowledged before.

This is your second collaboration with Ji Sung.We're curious about how you felt about working with him again.
-Being able to work with him again feels like I've gained a real oppa. I learned so much from him. Ji Sung oppa works hard in everything he does. Sometimes, I look at him and think, "Ah, this is probably beyond the limit of what someone would normally do". I applaud his work ethics and I couldn't be able to be as diligent as him.  In 5 years, if ever an opportunity comes up, I'd like to play role of multiple personalities just like oppa. I told our director, 'If we have a season 2, I wanna be the one with the multiple personalities this time' (Laughs). Oppa was amazing. He's a sunbae-nim I respect and cherish.

If another opportunity comes, would you want to collaborate again with Ji Sung?
-Of course. I really liked it. But perhaps in a few years? Oppa is married and I want to get married too. Then, I'd like to collaborate with him again.

Who is your most favourite among the personalities?
-Shin Segi is so sexy. He's a personality that was developed because of Ri Jin so I have a strong attachment to him. I was a bit worried of how I was suppose to act with Shin Segi but the director advised me to do "how Hwang Jung Eum would naturally do it" . The personality I envy the most is Yona. I think I also would've done a great job playing the role of Yona.

What's your reason for choosing this drama?
-After 'High Kick', I thought a comical role wouldn't be possible for me again because I had reached the point in which I was losing energy for cheerful roles and there was that part in me that wanted  to try out something new and so I did 'Secret'. I wanted to be more daring so I did 'Endless Love' but I felt that there was something missing in my acting. So, I chose to do this drama.

You got a lot of praised with re-teaming with Ji Sung. I'm curious about what kind of things happened during filming. 
-When Yona first appeared, I was amazed at how oppa acted his parts out to the point that he left me speechless. Afterwards, I was watching him while he was filming his scenes which made me forget my lines. (Laughs). There were times I found myself crying although it wasn't on the script and wondered why I did that.

Kill Me, Heal Me became pivotal in raising awareness for child abuse. In particular, fans raised money for child abuse victims
- I read the news and thought to myself, "Ah, I'm really doing a good drama". It motivated me to work harder and I feel so thankful to them for doing that.

What do you think is your best line in the drama?
-What Ri Jin said to Yoseob in the rooftop really resonated with me. "Everyone has several people living inside them. There's the me who wants to die and the me who wants to live. I live everyday fighting with the me who wants to give up and the me who wants to at least grab at straws. You don't have the courage to fight". Such feelings of pain and happiness contained in those lines which perfectly describe what I go through in my profession sometimes. I relate to that line the most.

How did you feel about the scene where you meet the younger Ri Jin? 
-I liked the scene where Ri Jin has a conversation with her 10-year old self although it was heartbreaking watching her open up about her pain. I've always heard of the notion that one should live life happily but I realized that there are people who can't do that.  Doing this drama made me appreciate forgiveness and even if there are things that you're still not satisfied with, it's important to live your life to the fullest.

When do you plan on getting married? 
-I've have always thought that I would get married before I when I turn 34. Others think that once  you've  you've reached stability, that's when it is right to get married. But I'm still planning to get married when I turn 33 or 34.

You mentioned in the press conference that you get upset when your boyfriend Kim Yong Joon doesn't make restaurant reservations whenever you go on a date
-Tomorrow is White Day so he'll probably make a reservation this time.


juvus said...

Hwang Jung Eum is a good actress. I hope to see in her in something else soon.

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Wendy said...

Love her!

Lily said...

She's such a good actress, she's great in comedy as well as drama. Oh Ri Jin was the perfect match for Cha Do Hyun and all his personalities (except Yo Na lol, Yo Na's perfect match is Ri On oppa)

오다 said...

can't get enough of her acting in Secret. she is a great actress. anyway thank you for making this blog ^^ love it

vivi said...

I like her, I can always see the character in her and I found her so lovely
I think she is great in acting and seeing her glad about the role is satisfying,
keep up the work unnie, but take rest too
I think you've been work to much

Daph said...

I admire you Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung.... such great actors...