31 March 2015

Infinity Challenge candidates for 6th member narrowed down to 5

OSEN - Naver: [Exclusive] Jang Dong Min, Choi Siwon, Kwanghee, Kang Kyun Sung and Hong Jin Kyung are the final 5 candidates for 'Infinity Challenge-Sixth Man'

1. [+3786, -564]Yoo Byung Jae ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+2783, -440] I dont see Yoo Byung Jae....

3. [+3031, -1062] Shouldn't it be Yoo Byung Jae in Choi Siwon's place???

4. [+2304, -464] If not Jang Dong Min, then will it be Kang Kyun Sung?

5. [+1895, -657] Jang Dong Min fighting! Pick someone who has already served in the armyㅋㅋ

6. [+696, -113] The netizens really like Yoo Byung Jae but looking at how he didn't make the cut, I assume Kim Tae Ho PD made a hasty judgement

7. [+512, -54] Hong Jin Kyung, for sure won't be the 6th member but she was really hilarious

8. [+640, -213] Kwanghee is really funny. Kwanghee!!!!!!

9. [+289, -76] Yoo Byung Jae: Tae Ho hyung, you don't like me, right??

10. [+128, -33] If not because of enlisting in the army, Kwanghee would be perfect as the 6th member


IAmNotJapanese said...

im rooting for Hong Jin Kyung though. I love this woman!
for enlistment reasons, it probably cant be siwon and kwanghee (though i want him too)
jang do min fits well though he'd be just loud af.

도화 said...

I want Jang Dong Min or Kang Kyun Sung :/ even Siwon seems good.

Gery said...

Awww, I wanted it to be Yoo Byung Jae too :(

yeoshinn said...

yoo byungjae was awesome!!! :(( sad that he got cut off. Hoping it to be Kang Kyunsung or Jang Dongmin for now. Kwanghee is hilarious but I don't think he can actually fit his schedule with IC tbh. Same goes for Siwon.

Maki said...

Jang Dong Min or Kwanghee please

cece said...

yoo byung jae was my favorite! can we have him back please, kim tae ho pd-nim? though kang kyun sung is almost just as good

Netizen said...

Kwanghee fighting! Although, I'll honestly be happy with anyone but Kang Kyun Sung. Sorry to his fans, but he feels like he's forcing himself, and I'm afraid he'll get burned out with his 'pyscho' character. Plus, his brand of 'crazy' will be constantly compared to Noh Hong Chul's 'crazy' and I don't think the comparisons will be good.

Guest said...

Why everyone love Yoo Byung Jae? Is it because other show he's participated in? Because I didn't see anything special about him on IC episodes.

Anyway, all my favs are in top 5. 'm so conflicted right now. Seriously can't they do rotation? It will benefit everyone if anyone too busy to commit for weekly filming. But I guess It will be hard for long term project *sigh.

- Kwanghee insecurity always make me root for him. He's always too honest and I can feel real sadness behind his joke and jealousy.
- Siwon super funny and bring freshness from the reaction and jokes.
- I love Jang Dongmin since Genius 3 but he's too similar with PMS so I'm afraid the character will overlap.
- Kang Kyun Sung: Haha he made me laugh during her interview with Haha, refreshing character
- Hong Jin Kyung: My feel for her a bit similar with how i feel about Kwang Hee, she seems as desperate XD

Kyaaa I love them all!!! Even if they're not chosen as the 6th man, I hope they can shine and cast for other variety. The nomination give them good opportunity for other to see their talent.

methods said...

It's not Tae Ho's decision to make. He already mentioned that the nominees will vote for the 6th themselves. It would be unwise for him to suddenly change the rule just because netizens wanted it. People might let him go once for this if he ever decides to take YBJ back, but they will call him out in the future. Say netizens wanted something and Tae Ho decided against it for the good of the show, netizens will get mad and recall back YBJ. It's not good for Tae Ho in the long run. Plus, IC is known to be a show that keep its promise. The nominees themselves picked the five members and it seems like YBJ's performance wasn't impactful enough for the other nominees to nominate him during the last episode's recording. Anyway, isn't this just a rumor?

Also, I'm not that fond of YBJ right from the recruitment episode. I thought he wasn't really that funny compared to others. Not to mention his awkward character reminds me of Gil. I like JDM but I really don't want him to be in IC as a permanent member just because his character overlaps with PMS's character. If I have to choose one, I'll chose PMS over JDM anytime. KKS is funny but his crazy character seems a bit similar to NHC. That Dol-I vibe. Mianhe KKS.. I can't accept you as a permanent member. I want a new and different character for the 6th. Other candidates should be fine except for Hyun Moo (too many show! It's going to be hard for him to set aside times for a demanding show like IC), SJH (too bad he wasn't that funny in the last episode, plus he even agrees that he was only there to annoy the haters) and Choi Siwon (he was really funny! But he has too much going on.. his international advancement and all. He might say that he's willing to drop everything but it's not his decision to make, he's still bounded by his SM contract. Frankly, SM sill not bow down to Siwon's wishes..not with all those money in line). So that leaves me HJK and Kwanghee.

Both of them shows great potential and is willing to do anything to be the 6th member. Kwanghee.. to the point of asking his company to lobby for his position in IC makes me think that he's willing to drop his other shows if needs to be and his company doesn't seem to mind. Let's face it, his company is not SM. Having Kwanghee in IC will be advantageous for them. HJK is such a sweetheart and is even willing to dress up as a guy to show people that she's willing to do just anything. The unfortunate side is her stamina. The funny thing is, these two people were the last people I wanted to be in IC - but after watching their recruitment process and the last episode, they're good enough to make me change my mind.

mirakuruwish~♤ said...

Jang Dong Min will be great