15 March 2015

[Instiz] Actress Gong Seung Yeon during her SM trainee days

-So gorgeous

-She looks a bit like Yoon So Hee

-Her eye colour is really pretty

-So pretty

-Doesn't she look a bit like NS Yoonji? 

-I see Joy, Yoon So Hee and NS Yoonji in her.. Really pretty....!!!!

-Am I the only one who thinks she resembles Yeri?

-Heol daebak..

-So jealous. She's close with all the f(x) members


xxxwakaka said...

fnc+sm in wgm.yonghwa is a rookie when he joining wgm and ride on seohyun's popularity. as cnblue's popularity grew, now it's jonghyun's turn to help sm rookie. what a simbiosis relationship kkkkk