29 March 2015

Is Sarang leaving 'Superman Returns'?

TV Daily - Nate: "She has already grown this much"... Sarang's development that touched the hearts of viewers 

1. [+260, -10] Looks like they're really leaving the show. They won't, right?? 'Superman' without Sarang will be weird

2. [+232, -9] The way they edited it sort of implies that she's leaving. Makes me sad ㅜㅜ Watching Choovely is always a healing experience~ I hope she stays on the show for a long time

3. [+176, -9] Sarang is cute and lovely~ Don't leave;;; I watched this for Haru (and for course, Sarang too). It'll be sad if she's really leaving..... Sarang, don't go~

4. [+33, -4] I hope she continues to be on the show even after she starts attending elementary school..^^

5. [+29, -1] Sarang who made meokbang historicalㅎㅎ  She grew up before our very eyes, sings well and learned to converse in Korean. She'll be so pretty when she grows older. Sarang jjang

6. [+18, -1] But I started to watch 'Superman' because of Sarang....... Don't go.....

7. [+12, -1] Who wants to eat grapes?~~~~~~~~ Hai~~~~~~~~~~Sarang is adorable

8. [+9, -1] Sarang has grown up a lot. She was just a toddler when she started the show. PD-nim... please don't make them leave!!!


Lily said...

I'll miss Sarang, she was such a baby when she started the show and now she's grown so much...

t_t said...

I think this is a good time for her to leave the show although it's always sad when families decide to... I just think she's become too aware of the cameras. Of course the other children are too but before her actions can be perceived as 'manipulative', it would be best for her to leave before all this love and support from the viewers turns to hate and anger... She's grown up right before their eyes so if she leaves now, it'll be on a good note..

jungkooknoona said...

Euwiiiii ill cry if sarang leave :( Shes such a cutipie