8 March 2015

Ji Chang Wook's interview with news1

(Note: I only translated the answers)

I had so much that I wanted to show, so I really had fun filming. To tell you the truth, it was also difficult because there were a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish. There were also moments that I worry about things which just made my head hurt. Recently, there have been a lot of dramas that feature multiple personalities but I wouldn't consider Seo Jung Hoo one of the multiple personalities. I had to adapt several personalities to match with the circumstances that the character had to face and so, I had so much fun doing those parts.

I think that 'Healer' is not about the older generation accepting the ways of the newer generation but rather it shows how the older generation communicates with the new one. We get to analyze the newer generation through Seo Jung Hoo's perspective. You can say he's the representation of kids these days who grew up without parents. Seo Jung Hoo keeps sleeping. That shows that he's sort of detached from the society. And that same Seo Jung Hoo meets a girl and develops a desire to  want to live and work hard like normal people. I really wanted to show the process of how he evolves into that kind of person.

The preparation time for 'Healer' was a little bit longer than other dramas. I had to attend an action school and I worked out diligently. I especially like running. When I was younger, I really enjoyed watching Donnie Yen's 'Fist of Fury' and I became interested in shooting action scenes. Now that I've tried it, I find that it's really not that easy.

I had a packed schedule during 'Healer'. Fortunately, our director was really considerate. I have a strong attachment to performing so I somehow end up always doing projects. I really love performing. It is something very special to me. At this age, I'd like to try as many things as I can so that when I look back in time, I won't have any regrets.

We also got to do adlibs but only with adequate consultation with the director and if it fits well with the scenes. I just didn't wanna go according to the book the entire time. I wanted to have freedom with what I was doing. I really wanted to go beyond the rules. The script hold obligations that shouldn't be ignored but I don't wanna be locked up in it. In order to do that, it constantly required pouring a lot of effort. As for acting, I still have problems whether understanding the character is more important than acting the character confidently. I think that if the ball spins well in the early stage, whatever the kind of story or action that come up later on just express themselves on their own.

Doing 'Healer' was really meaningful to me. I don't think that I can use my hardwork as a measure of its success or failure. It is really up to the viewers' verdict. The time I spent preparing and filming for the drama was gratifying. It felt like receiving a gift.

I don't really know the true significance of age. I have never pondered about that. I am the same each year.  I think I worry too much about how I should live in order to be happy. I just want to be remembered as a good actor. But I'm still not sure what consists of a good actor. My acting philosophy depends on whether I do it or not (note:still not sure about what he meant here). This way, I keep improving and it gives me hope that I could become a better actor in the future.

news 1 via Naver: Ji Chang Wook passes the road to maturity (Interview)

1. [+76, -1] I really admire his excellent acting and his vocalization and it's  awesome to know that he works hard in order to accomplish those. He is blessed with good looks and charming voice so I look forward to his future projects. For his last years in his twenties, I hope he finds more success and recognition as an actor

2. [+62, 0] Just as what writer Song Jina said, 'Healer' wouldn't be the same if it's not because of Ji Chang Wook. I can't think of anyone who would play the role of Seo Jung Hoo better than Ji Chang Wook

3. [+55, 0] Through 'Healer', I got to rediscover Ji Chang Wook~~ I just knew he was a handsome and good actor before that but this drama just proves to me that he's one of the top~~~~~^^

4. [+54, 0] I'm watching 'Healer' again~~~ Ji Chang Wook is so charming

5. [+46, 0] 'Healer' is truly made for him

6. [+29, 0] Awesome drama and perfect cast... After it ended, I had such a severe longing for it. The ratings were really mysterious....

7. [+22, 0] I can't wait to see him in another project


KkulJaem said...

I love how his interviews are always thoughtful and humble! Hope he grows even bigger as an actor!

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thanks for translating this
he is such a humble actor and yes Healer would not be the same without him

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My boy i miss him soooo much

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thanks "healer"..you make me rediscover his talents..never paid so much attention on him before..but with "healer",BAMMMMMM!!!! this guy is awesome,down to earth,charming,etc...JCW,you're the best!!!luckily i found you before you're enlisting next year..

KkulJaem said...

So in love with this man. I hope he picks up a project soon