9 March 2015

Ji Sung vs Hyun Bin: How a choice can change everything

tv Report via Naver: Ji Sung vs Hyun Bin , how a choice can change everything 

1. [+10054, -210] Ji Sung choosing 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is a decision made by the drama godsㅋㅋㅋ I have always liked him but because of 'Kill Me, Heal Me',  I fell even more. His acting just give you goosebumps and his face is freaking handsome

2. [+8129, -164] A well-prepared actor who met the right project. He has vocal chords inflammation right now so he should rest after he's done filming... You've worked hard.

3. [+6757, -147] Ji Sung was truly destined to do 'Kill Me, Heal Me'!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. [+6141, -140] I can't even imagine 'Kill Me, Heal Me' without Ji Sung

5. [+6071, -829] Ji Sung is cooler than Hyun Bin

7. [+1712, -61] To be honest, only Ji Sung can act out the 7 personalities

8. [+1604, -67] It's not because Hyun Bin's acting is mediocre, it's because Ji Sung's acting is just daebak

9. [+1495, -147] Hyun Bin is handsome but he really can't act... He has stayed the same ever since 'Samsoon' and 'Secret Garden'. Always the role of a chaebol

10. [+1355, -76] It depends more on the acting ability rather than the choice that changes your destiny.. I like both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min but their acting is so awkward.

11. [+1084, -30] Well, he's better than most top stars who survives off of their cfs. At least, he ceaselessly picks projects and I think that's coolㅋㅋㅋBoth actors deserve recognition

12. [+1084, -40] 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is ending this week. So sad

13. [+1061, -32] A drama that is destined for Ji Sung. I can't imagine anyone in this role other than him

14. [+567, -45] Hyun Bin? Lee Seung Gi? How would they act out the personalities better than Ji Sung? This drama was possible because of him

15. [+377, -22] I'm so thankful that Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi rejected it!


KkulJaem said...

I really don't think Hyun Bin is a bad actor. He just plays it too safe. He needs a good project and soon.

KkulJaem said...

Ji sung the stars aligned for him and he took it.

KkulJaem said...

He's not bad but his acting doesn't match his star status. Idk I guess it's just me but I always felt that he's missing that "special something" in acting. And compared to other star actors around his age, he doesn't really have that many representative dramas or movies.

KkulJaem said...

I can agree with that. I love him, but his most popular works have had awesome strong female leads in Kim Sun Ah and Ha Jiwon. He probably got more credit than he deserved for those two roles. He's also had ups and downs in his career. It's just because of SG and how he went to do his MS that he has the status he has now, not because he has a history of successful roles or something.

KkulJaem said...

it's not that i don't like hun bin and i'll probably watch JHM after KMHM (noooooo don't end T.T) but ji sung just met the perfect role! the script is great. I mean JHM is also about having another personality but why is KMHM is good? why did people fall in love with all the personalities more in kmhm? either hun bin didn't think he could pull the 7 personalities off or the other drama offered him more. it's just unfortunate they were airing at the same time and KMHM started first so it's fans weren't going to leave for JHM.

KkulJaem said...

He is good,not great yet(?)
it just the drama didn't do good and in people eyes he has lot of choice to choose yet he didn't choose what better for him

for being an actor, he need something better to shine since his famous project in SG and MNIKMSS and that is ages ago while have lot of CF, so it obvious comment like that will arise

KkulJaem said...

Ji sung and Lee bo young are my favorite Kcelebrity couple. And i'm so happy to see both of them receive so much praise for "KMHM" and her's through "IHYV" . Wishing safe delivery and healthy baby for this adorable couple.

She recently send a food truck to his set with a banner saying " “Our head of household, please use carefully and then return to me nicely when finished.”


KkulJaem said...

Hyun bin wanted popularity over a challenge as an actor and he chose on that basis. Only the thing is, that choice bit him right back in the ass, It's as simple as that.

KkulJaem said...

to think hyunbin rejected kmhm lol
i love him but after secret garden (which i hated) he got careful. i miss the guy who did the world the live in...

KkulJaem said...

Ji Sung is an incredible actor to successfully pull off all those personalities and make them so believable!!

S said...

Honestly, ji sung has a lot more experience as an actor than hyun bin. The directors of KMHM were much better than the ones with jekyl and hyde. ji sung had much more to work with than hyun bin. Hyun bin is a charming actor and he was totally believable in everyone of his roles. Especially in secret garden.