20 March 2015

Jimin worries over AOA geting hate because of her

Star News: 'Unpretty Rap Star', Jimin "I'm worried that AOA will get hate because of me..I'm making effort" 

1. [+9679, -1488] They're already getting hate though... Her image is taking a nose-dive ever since appearing on variety

2. [+8652, -816] To be honest, Cheetah did better... This is just my personal opinion

3. [+7558, -2105] I find Jimin unlikeable. I don't even want to hear her voice anymore

4. [+1341, -117] Is she the only performer on 'Unpretty'? There are so many articles about herㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I wanna see an interview of Jessi or Cheetah

5. [+365, -25] Is she even aware of the reason of the criticisms thrown at her? She's making an effort but not during her semi-finals stage. She always works hard on other music programs but why don't we see that on 'Unpretty'?

6. [+274, -6] Jimin's voice already gets divided opinions.. But the producers seem to favour her too much

7. [+178, -15] Ah whatever. Cheetah hooray


Adis said...

Lol shes actually acknowledged it.

Lexurite said...

Well, they were getting hate before unpretty rapstar, they will only get more hate now. But Jimin should have thought about it and done more efforts.

JoyBells said...

No denying it.Maybe earlier she didn't have a lot of fans but atleast she didn't have this much antis,now she's getting a LOT of hate.
Nways,im rooting for Cheetah.I hope she wins the show.

alfkzmfjh said...

i'm pretty sure she puts all her efforts in her every performance. her semi-final stage is her best stage in UR imo. people still hate whether she does well or not so. i'm glad the show is ending soon. just give the last damn track to cheetah and let jimin have some peaceful rest

Lep said...

Her image was a bit ruined for me from Unpretty Rapstar :/ she used to be my bias in AOA, now I can't look at her without thinking she's a smug, sly fox lol. Hoping for less Jimin next AOA comeback but it'll probably be the opposite

placeforu said...

AOA should not just go on variety. End of the argument. They gets hate once they r on shows, i guess bad publicity is still a publicity. No one knows Jimin before Unpretty Rap Star but now it seems even International fans are so used to seeing her name now.

Alice said...

She's such a sly fox. The only reason she survives through out Unpretty Rap star is because of her looks and sly moves towards the producers. Suck a dick Jim in, so annoying. Her voice is so annoying to hear in raps, all the other girls didn't deserve to go, she did though. Ew Jim in from AOA, so not listening to them. Ew. Total disgust for Jimin.

Jenny said...

Same, I used to love AOA and she was my bias. But after her coming out I can't stop thinking of her as a sly fox slut. I bet she always butters up to the judges. She acts like she's so cute with her voice and face. But god, that plastic surgery. Just stop coming out on variety shows AOA