24 March 2015

Joo Jin Mo cast as male lead in a JTBC drama

tv Report - Naver: Joo Jin Mo confirmed as male lead in JTBC 'My love Eundong' 

1. [+66, -6] The title is so countrified..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I'm anticipating it because it's Joo Jin Mo:)

2. [+44, -2] Has anyone watched him in 'Love Back in Anger'? That drama got 60% in ratings and was considered a masterpiece.. The lineup was daebak as they had Lee Min Woo, Baek Jin Hee, Bae Doona, Kim Min Hee, Kang Sung Jin, Kim Myung Min and Kim Young Ae.  Of course, they were still rookies in 2000 but they made it legendary

3. [+38, -5] I like that he's the lead.. Looking forward to it.. I'll be tuning it~^^

4. [+31, -2] This hyung is so good-looking

5. [+24, -6] Looking forward to it

6. [+11, -1] Joo Jin Mo fighting. He barely has dramas so I'm really anticipating it

7. [+7, -1] I like him as the lead. Joo Jin Mo-sshi, I'm excited to see you in this one!!


twicawind said...

Wonder about the genre. Love him but he shouldn't waste his talent with dramas like that... Hope it's good.

Lalala said...

Still cant forget his scene with jo insung in frozen flower ... Lol

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