8 March 2015

Just how popular is 'Kill Me, Heal Me'?

'Kill Me, Heal Me' airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays but throughout the week, articles are released and they become main topics of various portal sites. While it's already widely popular online, it is also a phenomenon offline. We look at 4 'Kill Heal Syndromes' that are currently sweeping the nation.

Kill, Heal Syndrome 1. The outpouring of Kill Me, Heal Me-inspired parodies
An evidence of this phenomenon can be the outpouring of parodies that can be found online. Recently, in Superstar K's promo video, Kang Kyung Sang transformed as Yona who is one of the personalities. Also, in tvN's SNL Korea,  Jung Sung Ho caused laughter for his enthusiastic parody of Ji Sung's characters. Moreover, fans make spoof of scenes in the dramas and post them online. From making an Inception-style trailer, cosmetics CF, various music videos, to fictitious movie trailers featuring the personalities as the main characters.

Kill, Heal Sydrome 2. A fandom as strong as that of idol groups
'Kill Me, Heal Me' has a strong fan base that is as big as that of idol groups. Fans express their love    and promote the drama through creating fan arts and sending food trucks to the filming site. Interest for DVD release has also increased even with the drama still airing. In addition, fans started to take action after seeing  Oh Ri Jin's tragic fate who is victim of child abuse. They started raising money to support child abuse victims. Currently, some say that they have already raised a sum close to 10 million won.

Kill, Heal Syndrome 3. An anticipated pairing of the leads
'Kill Me, Heal Me' also stirred a lot of excitement because of  the re-teaming of  Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung. Thanks to their outstanding performance in 'Secret', who were both the lead roles, the two were courted and got to pair up the second time around. Hwang Jung Eum who starred in 'High Kick: Revenge of Short Legged' is able to flaunt her comedic flair in the drama and is also dominating live search rankings. At the same time, the lip tint brand that Yona uses  experienced an unprecedented record sales and became sold out 2 years after its release in 2013.

Kill, Heal Syndrome 4. Attention put in to creating the OST
A lot of care and attention were also put in to creating 'Kill Me, Heal Me's OST. Songs are picked to match the atmosphere and to allow viewers to be more engaged with the story.  In particular, Jang Jae In's 'Auditory Hallucination' (feat NaShow) which was released on January 14th is still on the top 10 on real time music charts and is currently receiving lots of love from the audience. Ji Sung, Park Seo Jun, Moon Myeong Jin and, Luna&Choi also participated in the making of the OST and every time a song is released, it is guaranteed to be one the top 20 in real time charts.

tvReport via Naver: 'Kill Me, Heal Me's online popularity, 4 'Kill Heal Sydrome' 

1. [+3403, -50] Kill Me, Heal Me is seriously good♥♥

2. [+3398, -56] A rediscovery of Ji Sung. Truly a daebak drama..

3. [+3242, -53] Clicked on this automatically because it has the phrase 'Kill Me, Heal Me' on it ㅠㅠHow can I cope once it ends

4. [+2520, -46] I really love Ji Sung!!

5. [+2492, -42] I'm so sad that there's only 2 episodes leftㅠㅠ

6. [+409, -14] First of all, this drama is amazing because everyone acts well. And also, it has great directing and the writer is so skilled. It has sad scenes but it has funny  and touching elements. . I'm really thankful that Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung get to bring the writer's imagination to life.

7. [+407, -15] A daebak drama but I just don't get the ratings

8. [+399, -21] There's manipulation in the ratings. Everyone is watching it but the ratings don't even reach 10%

9. [+353, -13] There's really something wrong with the ratings

10. [+312, -14] The first time I got goosebumps in my 20 years of drama watching experience was the "My name is Cha Do Hyun" scene

11. +286, -12[] I really fell for Ji Sung♥♥♥♥♥


KkulJaem said...

For the first time i want an extended episode ;;_;;

KkulJaem said...

This show is so good. Best drama I've watched in a really long time. Besides the main couple it reminds me a lot about Secret when it was airing. No one expected much from it but it ended up being amazing.
On a side note thank you so much for creating this blog. I love how its drama centric and includes lots of the shows I keepwith that aren't covered any other blogs. Please continue posting!!

KkulJaem said...

YoNa can become a CF queen

KkulJaem said...

I often get disappointed with dramas that are praised for its scripts, but I really like KMHM's plot. Every episode just shows how much the writer thought about each detail and how everything is connected. And the acting~ <3

KkulJaem said...

Hello, can you translate this article? http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0000646663&gid=999339&cid=999607
Very nice blog btw! :)

KkulJaem said...

The best drama.Really love Jisung & Jung Eum ❤️