26 March 2015

JYP confirms solo comeback for April

My Daily - Naver: "JYP's Back!", Park Jin Young to make a comeback on April 

1. [+333, -46] You gotta acknowledge his songwriting skills

2. [+275, -32] Don't Leave Me, Behind You, Honey, Swing Baby, I Have a Girl, The House You Live In, You're the One, Proposal Song, She Was Pretty, Elevator, Even After 10 Years... Park Jin Young has a lot of good songs. He appears on variety shows, got considered as an IC's sixth man and has that passion for producing other people's albums.

3. [+200, -50] JYP hyung, be strong. Your stocks will rise again...! If Park Jin Young had been more handsome, our country would have been flipping out.. Perfect guy..

4. [+78, -38] To be honest, kpop was born during the Wonder Girls and SNSD era

5. [+29, -3] Park Jin Young is much better than Mr. Yang.. He is the CEO of a company but still continues to do do activities as a singer. I hope he gets to win number 1

6. [+27, -5] Finally a song to dance to for spring. He's old now but it's nice to see that he's still promoting just like when he was younger

7. [+22, -2] Park Jin Young's coming back! Is it finally comeback season over at jyp? I'm looking forward to his half air half sound technique~ But there are a lot of idols who are coming back on April as well

8. [+25, -5] Please take care of Wonder girls too Ddukgo(rice cake gorilla)  fighting!! I hope to hear another song like 'Behind You'!!


Ami said...

I love your articles ! Can I request a translation for the article concerning the leaked footage of the argument between Lee Tae Im and Yewon ? Thanks a lot :D !!!!