4 March 2015

Kill Me, Heal fans raise money for child abuse victims

Article: 'Kill Me, Heal Me' fans, set up fundraising for child abuse victims, 'Heartwarming' 
Source: tv Report via Naver

1. [+4427, -19] A good drama that brings out the best in people~ This is really heartwarming!

2. [+2588, -14] That's totally heartwarming.^^

3. [+298, -1] Through this drama, I hope those kids who are hurting get comforted. They're also fundraising at Happy Bean. Please donate even a small amount so that you can give strength to those kids

4. [+288, -3] I thought there are only makjang dramas these days...A drama like this also exists with a pupose.. It's been a while since I've read a heartwarming story.. Those who donated will be blessed^^

5. [+212, -1] Thank you for creating this drama. PD-nim! Writer-nim! Thank you very much

6. [+175, -1] Heol....That's awesome.....

7. [+164, 0] Killing two birds with one stone by watching the drama and helping out others

8. [+152, -1] This really warms my heart ^^

9. [+80, -2] The fans are amazing

10. [+71, 0] A healing drama..I donated too


KkulJaem said...

The best drama...love Jisung & jung eum