11 March 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me's DC Inside Gallery fans raised 20 million won for child abuse victims

Yonhap News via Naver: 'Kill Me, Heal Me' fans donate 20 million won to Green Umbrella Children's Foundation 

1. [+60, 0] This drama and the fans are awesome..^^!

2. [+48, 0] As expected from a great drama. The fans are so cool~ This is my first time seeing drama fans so generous

3. [+44, 0] Wow... This is seriously amazing... The 'Kill Me, Heal Me' cast will be so proud of you guys.....:)

4. [+42, 0] I'm so  proud of all of you^^

5. [+23, -1] 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is really the best

6. [+20, 0] Green Umbrella, woa~ This is such a good news. I haven't watched 'Kill Me, Heal Me' but I have to donate too. Thank you for doing a good deed

8. [+14, 0] 'Kill Me, Heal Me' and fans.... You guys are truly the best~~~~~^^


KkulJaem said...

Great to hear.

KkulJaem said...

soo great that this drama helps to create awareness

Lily said...

That's really nice of the fans.