13 March 2015

Kim So Eun attends H&M opening event *Request*

news 1 via Naver: Kim So Eun, striking beauty of a spring girl 

1. [+2762, -514] I don't really feel like seeing her after her WGM incident

2. [+2419, -437] There's a reason why she didn't get that much popularity after playing Geum Jan Di's friend in BOF

3. [+442, -60] She's getting criticized while Son Ho Joon isn't

4. [+1747, -374] I don't understand what's striking about her

5. [+187, -60] Useless WGM.........Ruined another kid's image

6. [+150,-41] She should've just filmed a drama instead. I really wanna see her in a drama so please cast her.

7. [+135, -45] So Eun-sshi, I'm cheering for you. Try to redeem yourself with choosing a good project and show us your good image.

8. [+111, -34] She really gives off that spring vibe. Kim So Eun is so pretty

9. [+107, -37] If she stepped out depressed, you guys are still gonna criticize her anyway. So Eun-sshi, good luck with your movie

10. [+67, -14] So Eun-sshi, will we be able to see you in a drama in the second-half of the year?

11. [+73, -20] She's pretty and has a good personality! Good luck with your movie!


Lily said...

Netizen 3 is right, she's the only one getting criticised.

I hope she leaves WGM and stars in another drama soon, she's pretty and talented. Better than so many these days...

JoyBells said...

WGM ruining another career.
Liar games was daebak,i hope she makes a comeback with another hit drama soon.

khaleesoy said...

I think stars need to think of WGM more seriously. It may make or break your career and image. It's scary.