8 March 2015

Lee Chun Hee to take the role of crimes unit team leader in 'Hello Monster'

Ilgan Sports via Naver: Lee Chun Hee confirmed for KBS' 'Hello Monster' 

1. [+96, -2] Lee Chun Hee's image got better after he got married~~Looking at his photos, he seems like a great husband and has a happy and lovely marriage life. I hope to see Jeon Hye Jin in a project too

2. [+69, -2] He was awesome with Kim Soo Ro in 'Family Outing'  Chunderella

3. [+35, 0] Long time no see Lee Chun Hee..

4. [+29, -1] I don't see that many comments

5. [+29, 0] Lee Chun Hee's popularity peaked back when he was doing 'Family Outing'


KkulJaem said...

Could you please translate the article confirming Gong Hyo Jin and IU for Producer? I'm dying to see if the netizens know anything about how the storyline plays out. Regardless, thanks very much for your work!

KkulJaem said...

i have never seen this actor in any show, but i hope this drama turns out good for him, and hopefully Jang Nara and Lee Jin wook can confirm for the lead roles