20 March 2015

Lee Jong Seok gets mobbed by fans in Taiwan

OSEN - Naver: Lee Jong Seok gets mobbed at aiport in Taiwan 

1. [+266, -22] Heol... that's a lot of people. Good luck with your fanmeeting and I look forward to your next project~ Lee Jong Seok fighting!!

2. [+130, -13] He's good at acting so I'm not surprised that he's popular. Be safe!!

3. [+81, -8] Lee Jong Seok's acting is amazing

4. [+65, -4] I'm glad that a lot of our actors are loved in other countries

7. [+67, -7] Woa daebakㅋㅋ He really must be a Hallyu star now ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+70, -10] The Taiwanese fans are so passionate. Good luck and come back safely

9. [+44, 0] It hasn't been that long since 'Pinocchio' ended but I wanna see him in another drama already

10. [+33, -3] He nees to have a fanmeeting in Seoul tooㅠㅠ


minjong21 said...

He definitely a hallyu star now,,so glad that he is known for his acting skills,,,jongsuk jjang!!

Gold12345 said...

woowww.. thanks a lot for the trans, he definitely deserves all the love he is getting

JoyBells said...

Omg! the crowd.
I guess since his last fan debacle at the airport and the negative response he got for the incident he's much more careful in public now.
Nways,if Woo Bin refuses the Hong Sister drama (tears) i hope they make him an offer. :)