16 March 2015

Lee Joon Ki offered lead role in 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night'

OSEN - Naver: Lee Joon Ki, strong candidate as the male lead for 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night' 

1. [+1248, -71] As expected, Lee Joon Ki makes his comeback in a sageuk. Iljimae, Arang and the Magistrate, Joseon Gunman.. He's the best when it comes to sageuks like this. I'm so excited for TSWWTN.

2. [+1139, -92] I'm all for Lee Joon Ki as the male lead but if Han Groo is the female lead, I feel like this drama's gonna get ruined

3. [+768, -38] I haven't read the original but I think he really suits the role of a Joseon vampire ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+593, -42] You can trust Lee Joon Ki

5. [+121, -6] Not Han Groo please

6. [+105, -3] Lee Joon Ki must really like traditional dramas. He was the best in 'The King and the Clown' and 'Iljimae'. When the news was released about Han Groo being offered the female lead, I had a feeling they would cast Lee Joon Ki. But they don't match

7. [+89, -5] So, only Han Groo was offered the female lead role?

8. [+63, -9] Ooooh. The role really suits him

9. [+41, 0] Please pick another female lead


Hajiwonlover said...


juvus said...

Koreans and their dislike of actresses they most likely have never seen act, but think they suck because of their faces.

Han groo killed it in marriage not dating. She was great in girl k. So what is the d

Stormrox said...

han groo is good, i dnt see the problem

Lily said...

I would unerstand judging if she was a bad actress, but she was good right from debut. I hope she'll do well in sageuk too.

aeterna009 said...

Except for Marriage not Dating, Han Groo's drama in public broadcast is not that popular. If only she appeared in a hit drama (even as one of the cast, like Yoo In Ah in SeGa), I bet people will look forward for this casting,

surfinthesasslife said...

I want something like arang and magistrate. It was spooky and intense then romantic and sweet at the end.

aeterna009 said...

I think Knetizens kinda have a bad impression on Han Groo because of her agency's excessive media play before. You know in Korea, acting is not about acting talent alone but people have to like you too..

JoyBells said...

Han Groo did a solid job in Marriage not dating and Girl K,i cant figure out why they dont want her. I'm all for this pairing.