14 March 2015

Lee Yoo Bi, possible female lead for School 2015

OSEN via Naver: Lee Yoo Bi, strong candidate as female lead for 'Who Are You- School 2015'.... to play the role of an outcast

1. [+9751, -1171] She fits the role of a bully rather than an outcast....

2. [+3604, -461] Hm.........

3. [+3180, -580] Please show us your best~~

4. [+2766, -181] Shin Se Kyung would match the role of an outcast

5. [+577, -17] I hope they would just stop adding the bullying stuff in the plot. Are they trying to brand it as mob series?

6. [+475, -35] If it's about bullying, cast T-ara

7. [+428, -16] This drama is becoming so disorganized because they're rushing like crazy.... If they continue being like that, the quality will be lowered by those who are bad at acting.

8. [+358, -12] Shuddered upon hearing the role of an outcast

9. [+433, -39] Her acting is awkward, doesn't have good pronunciation and not that
famous but her mom is probably doing well so she used her connections to get her the role. I envy her

10. [+278, -10] Stop adding strange plots to the 'School' series

11. [+244, -26] Properly pick the cast, seriously

12. [+187, -16] I'm fine with Lee Yoo Bi but if the male lead is an idol, I won't watch

13. [+167, -20] Lee Yoo Bi has a lot of anti-fans

14. [+109, -10] Cast Jiyeon for the role of a bully

15. [+86, -47] Her acting was good in 'Pinnochio'. People are hating because her mom has connections

16. [+42, -7] Whatever.  Just show us a fun drama with good acting


goldenmellow said...

Don't get why she has antis. There's nothing wrong with her acting. She's more than proven herself in supporting roles and despite her connections has worked her way up. She's been good (to great) to every role she's done. What's to hate? Other than being mad her mom is famous.

R_Ic said...

I liked her in pinnochio

Lexurite said...

I'd like to have a female-centered version this time, with a tons of womance and that they go to the 'Life' route. I think it's a necessity to add a bullying subplot because it seems to be a major issue in SK and Asia in general. BUT I'm here for a drama version of "Sunny" as well!

Lexurite said...

Do people really need a reason to hate on someone? I mean, even Kim freaking Yoo Jung has haters when she is nothing but a talented underaged actress.

goldenmellow said...

Kim Yoo Jung also has a lot of fans and gets a lot of praise. LYB not so much. She has a lot of antis for someone who hasn't done anything wrong (that I know of).

Lily said...

she was host of Inkigayo for most of last year with several boy group members, probably most of her antis are angry idol fans who are mad she spent so much time with their oppas. There are even comments from knets here saying her acting is good/she has anti-fans so it's not like she's thought of as a bad actress in Korea.

Lily said...

Supposedly she loses her memory and has to find out how.....I get how people might think this is a strange plot, hope the writer knows what they're doing. Don't make it like another Pride & Prejudice!

but I'm happy she is getting a lead role at last. Even if her mom is an actress, she spent three years working supporting roles and did well in all of them unlike idols who get lead roles handed to them so easily. I hope they cast a rookie actor who's the right age for the male lead.

JoyBells said...

So much negative responses. She has been doing a lot of supporting role and i think she did a great job in those.I'm really happy to see her act as a lead now. I hope the rest of the cast is equally awesome.

오다 said...

her acting in pinnochio was good tho. ppl need to control envious seriously. let's cherish her more, i hope she got lead cast soon ^^

fairyep7 said...

Why do they have to mention T-ara, just get over with that scandal. Please.

h8her said...

this antis culture bullshit needs to be burned and extinct from earth stat. whats the point of hating and wasting all your energy, time and brain cells towards someone who doesnt even know you exist?