5 March 2015

Luna to star in a web drama

Star News via Naver : fx Luna's first experience as a female lead in web drama 'Jumping Girl', First broadcast in 

1. [+4335, -31] They should just push Luna toward singing...

2. [+1865, -464] Looking forward to see Luna in this one. Fighting

3. [+1718, -42] Luna is so pretty these days. Looking forward to see her act

4. [+162, -27]  Luna  has gotten prettier when she's featured in Amber's album

5. [+150, -22] Is it true that it is because of Sulli that they're doing more solo works and not a lot of group promotion?

6. [+102, -3] Give Luna a solo album and not make her do something like this

7. [+105, -15] Just like Amber,  I hope Luna gets more recognized this time. She works hard but they never gets the opportunity so that's kind of upsetting

8. [+86, -13] I watched her in a musical and she was great in both singing and acting but a musical and a drama are different... Anyway I'm cheering for her

9. [+84, -15] Luna acts well. I saw her in the hologram musical and she was surprisingly really good

10. [+23, -1] They should give an album to a kid who sings well. What is this