17 March 2015

miss A's teaser images for 'Colour'

tv Report - Naver: miss A releases teaser images for 'Colour'... lovely mature ladies 

1. [+1667, -82] I'm hope miss A uses this opportunity to get more recognition. Fighting!

2. [+1157, -73] These teaser photos are really nice!!!!!!

3. [+946, -104] Fei is insanely beautiful;

4. [+870, -63] Woa I really missed them ♥♥

5. [+703, -56] Do well!!!!!!!!!!

6. [+335, -30] If Fei and Jia were Koreans, they would've been more popular. Especially Fei

7. [+332, -34] So pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Please hit daebak!

8. [+142, -31] Saw Fei in 'Temptation' and thought she was a rookie actress. Her beauty and ambience are high class and didn't seem like an idol. She sings well too. I wanna see more articles about her on Naver since Suzy is the only one who's getting the spotlight.. I think it'll be fine if she decides to go into acting

9. [+69, -6] I couldn't recognize Min. She looks different....

10. [+60, -2] JYP, please promote miss A more this time...


silvermaoh said...

Good luck Miss A <3 They look great
Agree that Min looks different. Fei is really pretty but they all look pretty ^^
Suzy <333

도화 said...

Fei has always had a different kind of beauty to her, not idol pretty but I think actress pretty. So pretty I hope the rest of the members get more recognition~

goldenmellow said...

Fei really is pretty and her body is great. Suzy is looking good as always~