6 March 2015

Netizens want Noh Hong Chul to be the 6th member of 'Infinity Challenge'

'OSEN via Naver: 'Infinity Challenge' is looking for a 6th member 

1. [+18129, -2820] Please don't add people like Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Yeong Cheol, Defconn and, Kim Je Dong. They don't match 'Infinity Challenge'. Just ask 'that guy' to come back

2. [+15407, -2620] Just ask 'that guy' to come back. I don't want a new member

3. [+9609, -2060] I don't want Seo Jang Hoon to be the 6th member

4. [+1470, -373] I miss Hong Chul hyung.. He reflected a lot already..

5. [+1092, -217] If it's not Noh Hong Chul, just remain as 5 members

6. [+927, -90] Please do a nationwide voting

7. [+787, -218] Ask 'that guy' to come back

Oh My News via Naver: 'Infinity Challenge' search for a 6th member, will this establish Noh Hong Chul's comeback

1.  [+7277, -1569] It's still too early for him to come back, but it is something that's inevitable.

2.  [+5576, -1244] I vote for Noh Hong Chul

3. [+5216, -1069] If you're gonna add a new member, choose from Noh Hong Chul, Gil or Jun Jin

4. [+446, -166] Even if the new member is funny, Noh Hong Chul is irreplaceable

5. [+200, -78] Hong Chul-ah, you're the right one

6. [+193, -77] If it's not 'that guy' then I don't wanna see a new member

6. [+182, -69] I want 'that guy' to be chosen but it's still early for him to come back.. He should reflect more and get some rest and then he can return with a bright image


KkulJaem said...

I agree. I don't think anyone can fit with IC. Seo Jang Hoon doesn't feel right. I want Noh Hong Chul to comeback to the show but I agree too maybe it will be too early. They should just use guests too fill the empty spot while waiting for right people rather than find new member now but ruin the atmosphere. That way they can also test the guest chemistry with IC member and look at the viewer response

KkulJaem said...

amazing, netizens look willing to forgive him! I agree though, I hope he comes back after a decent amount of time.

KkulJaem said...

I wish they would give a chance to a young comedian. It would be weird at the beginning, but IC is definitely a show where anyone with the right attitude can learn a lot.

KkulJaem said...

i TOTALLY love this survey

Jang Jjang said...

noh hong chul just irreplaceable...