26 March 2015

[Request] Kim Yoo Jung's pictorial for Marie Claire

Dispatch - Naver: 'The gap between a girl and a lady'... Kim Yoo Jung's pictorial of two faces

1. [+2566, -121] I hope Kim Yoo Jung doesn't ever get plastic surgery and I wish people would stop comparing her and Kim So Hyun as they each have their own distinct charms. Kim Yoo Jung is still so young but she has an aura and appeal that draws people in

2. [+1636, -128] Yoo Jung ㅠㅠSo prettyㅠㅠㅠ Her acting is amazing tooㅠㅠ

3. [+1318, -117] Yoo Jung is so lovely when she smiles~ Unni's always cheering for you! Fighting

4. [+1084, -107] Wow so prettyㅎㅎ

5. [+1035, -96] She has that intelligent allure in her. I like it

6. [+126, -19] Natural beauty. Don't ever get something done on your face

7. [+88, -14] Yoo Jung-ah, don't every worry about looks but focus on acting!!

8. [+75, -8] I'm really liking 'Angry Mom'~~!

9. [+74, -9] Yoo Jung, fighting. 'Angry Mom', fighting

10. [+32, -5] Don't be like someone who goes to hotels~ I trust you


Aki said...

She's really such a talented and beautiful young lady.

도화 said...

So pretty♡

Hayana RomZ said...

wow so quick! ty so much!!!

Nova_REMIX said...

I'm just starting the Moon that embraces the sun and her acting is perfect. I love it!~

Lily said...

So talented and so pretty.

and Netizen 5 is right when they say she has an intelligent allure, she's young but the way she expresses herself in interviews and through her acting really shows she's not just a pretty face who has no thoughts beyond herself and what affects her. That intelligence is what makes her a good actress.

j d said...

The cuteness.