8 March 2015

[Request] Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee's wedding

Ten Asia via Naver: 'Maze Runner's Ki Hong Lee, marries Korean girlfriend...photos revealed

1. [+2355, -29] Bye, have a good one......

2. [+1606, -27] Congrats on your wedding. Looking forward to Maze Runner 2

3. [+1476, -106] The girlfriend looks like the typical gyopoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think that's how a person living in the US seems to be like

4. [+1062, -27] Heol. No way. He was my ideal type... Bye Ki Hong Lee

5. [+772, -14] Congrats!! Wishing you happiness

6. [+105, -3] Already? He's only 29 years oldㅋㅋㅋ A lot of people I know who watched 'Maze Runner' really like Minho

7. [+106, -6] Am I the only who thinks he looks like Lee Jong Hyuk's son, Lee Junsu??? When Junsu grows up, that's how he's gonna look like

8. [+110, -13] Reporter, the girlfriend is not Korean but both of them are Americans

9. [+87, -4] Those who watched 'Maze Runner' think of him as their ideal type.. I am too.. Please have a happy marriage life

10. [+77, 0] He was so charming in 'Maze Runner'~~ I hope he gets more recognition in Hollywood~~ Congrats Congrats!!

11. [+76, -2] An article about Ki Hong-sshiㅜㅜㅜㅜ I wish you both happiness

12. [+52, -3] The ideal type of so many women.. Bye

13. [+38, -1] Wow congrats~ I really enjoyed 'Maze Runner'. He has a fine physique and was charming in it^^

14. [+37, -1] Oppa! Take care

15. [+34, 0] Minho~~~ Live well~~~ㅠㅜ


KkulJaem said...

I'm pretty sure his wife is also a Korean-American, no? I rmb reading about their marriage on AKP and her name is Choi Ha Young.

I'm quite sad that he's already off the market... I really liked him in the Maze Runner, he is just too fine <3

KkulJaem said...

Yes, she's also Korean American, but some Koreans only think real Koreans are those born and raised in Korea. They often think of Korean Americans as foreigners.

trufax said...

its not that, i think the netizen thought she was asian but not korean Anyways, im pretty late! dont mind me