22 March 2015

Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun revealed to be dating

tv Report - naver: Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun turned lovers 1 year after meeting in 'Two Weeks' 

1. [+624, -6] Congratulations. Be happy

2. [+559, -11] Woah. This was unpredictable

3. [+417, -17] Heol, is this for real?? If it's true, then have a beautiful relationship

4. [+325, -6] Wooooh daebak. Have a lovely relationship~!

5. [+237, -12] Not buying this as it's not 'exclusive'

6. [+95, -5] Heol.. When did she and Ryu Deok Hwan break up?

7. [+51, -1] So it's a 'Real Men' couple then

8. [+44, -2] 'Real Men' couple. They match so well~

9. [+37, -1] I thought she's dating Ryu Deok Hwan. They already broke up? I see.. But please release another article if Dispatch gets an evidence

10. [+37, -3] Ooh They match so well! I approve of this couple~

11. [+23, 0] I really enjoyed 'Two Weeks'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is daebak

11. [+22, -3] If this is true then Ryu Soo Young must have given her a lot of advice before appearing on 'Real Men'. They were both so hardworking in that show. Have a lovely relationship

12. [21, -2] They match really well~

13. [+28, -3] Ryu Soo Young is good-natured and Park Ha Sun is graceful. They match so well

14. [+21, 0] During 'Two Weeks', Ryu Soo Young said that Park Ha Sun is his ideal type and now they're really dating~


sara kim said...

Wooow .. that was unexpected , I love both of them .
I remember that he called her once when he was in Real man and she sent him a letter with snacks ♡♡

Ara said...

Both already admitted that it is true.... congratulations to them!

woooow said...

i think it's two weeks couple :D