2 March 2015

Seolhyun confirmed for 'Orange Marmalade'

Article: AOA Seolhyun confirmed for 'Orange Marmalade'.. to star alongside Yeo Jin Goo
Source: Edaily via Naver

1. [+8654, -417] Stop using idols. What a lost for Jin Goo

2. [+6797, -164] So my Baek Ma Ri is...

3. [+6221, -199]..........Let's stop casting idols

4. [+813, -14] The casting is not good.. I don't even have an idea if Yeo Jin Goo suits the role

5. [+530, -11] Yeo Jin Goo and an idol

6. [+508, -10] Baek Ma Ri... A precious character goes to an idol..

7. [+500, -21] If she's a singer, shouldn't she practice her singing first...

8. [+456, -20] The drama is ruinedㅋㅋㅋ Won't be watching because of the female lead

9. [+144, -6]  Does she have a sponsor? Or is she a good actress?

10. [+104, -1] But there are a lot of pretty actresses who are good at singing


KkulJaem said...

humm i realy don't think she is ready for leading role !!
anyway faiting for them thank u ^^