21 March 2015

Shinhwa wins #1 on 'Music Core'

OSEN - Naver: Shinhwa #1 for two consecutive weeks on 'Music Core'..Unstoppable 

1. [+463, -41] Already tied with 'This Love' at 8 trophies ♡♡♡The oppas will be so happy once they get the news, right?? Let's go for the 9th win tomorrow!!

2. [+400, -35] Finally. 8th win!! Let's set a new record tomorrow^.^

3. [+364, -32] Congrats on the win, Shinhwa~

4. [+342, -27] Kyaaa~~ #1 again tomorrow~!~! See you at the concert

5. [+105, -4] Amazing of Shinhwa..

6. [+105, -7] Almost on their 18th year already and still going strong

7. [+86, -8] The gap between the nominees is no jokeㅋㅋㅋㅋ Congrats on your 8th win!!!!

8. [+72, -8] Shinhwa is really shining these days..

9. [+71, -6] From their debut in 1999 to 2015, Shinhwa has managed to win #1 every time they make a comback. Amazing. So proud as a fan!!!!!!!!!! Forever a Shinhwa Changjo~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

10. [+69, -5] Daebak. As expected of Shinhwa!!!


justjuliet said...

wow more than 8000 points, they're doing really well :D

ShinHwa said...

They are doing well in both physical and digital sales. Congrats!!

dtp_jnr said...

Hi, can you please post on the variety show "please take care of my dad"?.....thank you....

rina said...

Thank you for translating

vr1102 said...

yeay congratulations<3
shooting shooting shooting banggggggg :D