26 March 2015

[Spoilers] Blood Ep 12

OSEN- Naver: Goo Hye Sun developed Ahn Jae Hyun's medicine 

1. [+159, -3] I was skeptical at first but I find it fun. They should've included next week's preview!!

2. [+145, -11] Wow, it's really good... They match so well...

3. [+115, -4] So good!!!!! Melts!!!

4. [+121, -13] Son Soo Hyun acting isn't that good either but her evil role makes up for it

5. [+115, -8] They look good together.. Eye-candy

6. [+65, -1] The fact that I have to wait another week drives me crazy.. Ah.. I'm so curious!!! My heart fluttered at the end because of Ahn Jae Hyun..

7. [+56, -1] If those viewers who left the drama early on start watching this again, they won't regret it

8. [+46, -1] The plot is getting interesting^^ This couple is so lovely.. I can't wait until they're together

9. [+42, -1] I love Goo Hye Sun.. Her skin is so clear

10. [+31, -1] I like this drama. Rita is such a genius and this couple has a great chemistry


angel said...

Yay thanks kkuljaem... your the best....

True like one of the comments, if some of the viewers who were quick to toss it aside gave it a chance early on the ratings would have been a lot better... anyway their loss...

G said...

Episode 12 was awesome. The couple interactions are funny and the way they relate to each other at the level o understanding makes my heart flutter. So good!
Wish the korean viewers had given it a longer chance or gave it another chance as the plot develops and the casts are more into their characters as time went by like most dramas.
It is sad they are missing an awesome different drama from the usual ones.