30 March 2015

[Spoilers] Blood Ep 13

OSEN - Naver: 'Blood', Ahn Jae Hyun reveals his past to Goo Hye Sun.. Lots of tears 

1. [+983, -61] Woah she's so prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+848, -58] Goo Hye Sun is really pretty

3. [+533, -63] This is getting good!!

4. [+155, -12] Her eyes are like jewels... Wow so pretty

5. [+109, -17] Now, where are those people who said Goo Hye Sun can't act?

6. [+57, -3] The best visual couple

7. [+51, -1] Another fun episode today. It would be perfect if the ratings increase but I liked that there were a lot of scenes of Rita and Ji Sang together.

8. [+45, -1] This drama is so fun~~ I can't wait for tomorrow

9. [+45, -3] Daebak. It's so fun

10. [+43, -2] Still looks beautiful even when she's crying

Newsen - Nate 

1. [+49, -30] Am I the only one who's enjoying this show?

2. [+42, -26] I'm really enjoying this drama. Even the people around me think it is good.

3. [+27, -21] This drama has a lot of fangirls so there are barely negative comments here ㅊㅋㅊㅋ

4. [+14, -18] You can already feel the bad acting on that 2nd photo


Mapel said...

Yay!!! I'm not the only one who likes it haha

S said...

I am so glad there are korean viewers enjoying the drama. Such a shame to miss out on such a good and refreshing drama! Blood is so popular with the International kdrama viewers!
Blood team is awesome! Kudos also to the writer for an interesting story !
The antis still bashing GHS obviously are not watching the drama. She rocks YRT!

Gen Mata Gonzaga said...

I like blood so much

Thanyrtan said...

like Blood

Samia Rahman said...

i reall like DR. Yo o Ritas cgaracter