3 March 2015

[Spoilers] Blood Ep 6

Article: 'Blood', Ahn Jae Hyun- Goo Hye Sun, their unexpected sweet romance has ignited
Source : tv Report

1. [+2264, -272] This drama is so good

2. [+1757, 282]ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ahn Jae Hyun is so handsome

3. [+1537, -219] Now, it's fun~~ The more I watch, the more I'm liking it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHow do I wait until next week..

4. [+1361, -229] Drunk Yoo Rita is so cute

5. [+319, -51] I think it's worth watching.. And also Goo Hye Sun's acting has gotten better ..Poor her, she got so much criticisms.. I liked her in 'Angel Eyes'..

6. [+311, -52] Goo Hye Sun lowered her tone, so her acting is now okay to watch. This drama is fun

7. [+232, -42] Didn't notice the time go by.. I love Park Ji Sang

8. [+199, -35] More fun than I thought

9. [+81, -8] I watched the whole episode today and I thought it was fun. Their acting really improved.  'Blood' fighting^^ Yoo Rita is so pretty and Park Ji Sang is cool

10. [+75, -9]There are barely any skinships but they're so sweet.

Article: 'Blood' Ahn Jae Hyun finds out about Ji Jin Hee's identity, a bloody face-to-face confrontation 
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+904, -90] I was so focused watching the drama. It's really good

2. [+651, -33] Chills.. It was Ji Jin Hee

3. [+544, -38] It's getting so good Even the progress is fast

4. [+149, -13] Heol. What the? This drama's so fun. Even their acting improved so much. I can't wait for next week

5. [+143, -19] I really like Ahn Jae Hyun. Such a different feeling when he was in 'YWCFTS'

6. [+122, -9] Goo Hye Sun is totally a goddess...

7. [+107, -5]  The story is really fun ~!!!


KkulJaem said...

Blood is really an amazing drama <3

KkulJaem said...

Just see these bipolar netizens!! They are now praising it..Had they waited patiently the casts would not have got hurt..Hope they show this love till the end!

KkulJaem said...

I like so much Blood, GHS and AJH are cute

KkulJaem said...

I'm loving this drama! Excited for next episodes!

KkulJaem said...

Completely BLOOD ADDICT ^_^ I love this drama so much, soooo amazing drama and storyline very interesting too. I love GHS and AJH here :-D

KkulJaem said...

Now, haters n anti's who said GHS n AJH cannot act n no chemistry, they r playing their rules too well n they hve a great amazing chemistry as well.Only d brainless n thoughtless think that bcoz their knowledge r limited that's y they don't know how to acknowledge n appreciate good n interesting story/drama. People who targeted GHS so badly r all biased towards her, Y? Bcoz if truth b told she's a stand out in any area in terms of talent, skill, beauty, brain n personality she's a total knock out; very down to earth n hving a big n good heart is a bunos.Blood team fighting, AnhGoo couple fighting Hyesun fighting ur amazing n brilliant so stay d way u r .

KkulJaem said...


KkulJaem said...

I am enjoying Blood so much. It is entertaining! The otp interactions are so adorable and hilarious. All the 3 leads are doing a good job and so are the supporting casts. The story is interesting and fast-paced. The hour just flew by. Can't wait for ep 7.