18 March 2015

[Spoilers] Hyde, Jekyll and I Ep 17

X Sports News - Naver: 'Hyde, Jekyll, and I', 3.5%... lowest rating so far 'What should they do?'

1. [+2982, -54] But it's hard for dramas to achieve ratings that low

2. [+2571, -108] Even the screencaps look boring...

3. [+1956, -47] Still can't forget about the gorilla..

4. [+583, -8] This is a huge blow to Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min's image

5. [+398, -28] The plot is truly hopeless. I can't watch it. The actors are fine but the story is crap

6. [+368, -8] Who watches dramas and movies for the actors? If the plot is crappy, you can't convince me to watch it even if you have great actors like Choi Min Shik and Song Kang Ho in it. I'm a die-hard fan of Ji Min noonim but I don't wanna watch this

7. [+290, -10] Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min with that rating

8. [305, -13] I won't ever watch whatever this writer puts out from now on;; I'm only enduring this because of Hyun Bin and the 3.5% is only possible because of him. If it's another actor, the ratings won't even be higher than 'My Heart Twinkle Twinkle'

9. [+166, -11] The first time I'm not watching a Hyun Bin drama

10. [+80, -3] Heol...that's like a rating from a cable show

My Daily - Naver 

1. [+2554, -91] The plot is getting lost in the mountains ...

2. [+2110, -70] What kind of story is this?

3. [+2406, -66] This is the end of her writing career

4. [+378, -27] A drama that's ruining the actors

5. [+227, -10] This drama is hopeless. Poor Hyun Bin

6. [+186, -17] Episodes 4-9 were fun though. Is it really the same writer ..?

7. [+102, -5] I'm really curious about this drama's intention

8. [+95, -2] I'm only watching this for the cast but..ㅠㅠ  I hope they at least work again in another drama

9. [+87, -4] My warning to actors/actresses. Better avoid this writer in the future ㅠㅠ Poor them ㅠㅠ 


Sillage said...

I'm secretly glad that something like his happened. I think it would do actors some good to realize that their fans and audience are not fools. Not to mention that choosing work should be based on quality (noting that of course quality can bring popularity but having a good quality script or piece of work does not necessary equate to having popularity (eg: Nine and Lee Jin Wook); at least then they can then build up to their popularity with their trsuted Filmography.

I.e. Someone noted that KWB's dismissal of his latest offered role is exactly derivative of the former (quality>). Late realization but at least he's not counting on the success of an Heirs replica.

Lily said...

Exactly. Maybe networks will realise the importance of actually making quality dramas and not just relying on big names, look at the success of Kill Me Heal Me.

Some people are mad at Kim Woo Bin for turning down the Hong sisters drama and saying he won't get popularity now, but it's like they don't realize just how badly Korean dramas have been flopping lately while movies do very well. Why should they spend their careers only chasing Chinese cfs, isn't doing good work as an actor more important?

vivi said...

[+2982, -54] But it's hard for dramas to achieve ratings that low

wow to this comment,look like a fun person

JoyBells said...

Never been a fan of Han ji Min,but i watched it for the love i bear for Hyun bin.Its his comeback drama after all.Only to drop it soon after. Still trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
And i remember reading somewhere he passed over "Kill me,heal me" for this drama! The irony. Ji sung slayed in that drama. Also he needs to STOP playing Chaebol roles.I hope he picks a different role next time.