29 March 2015

[Spoilers] Queen of the Flowers Ep 6

OSEN - Naver: 'Queen of the Flowers', Yoon Park and Lee Sung Kyung's bittersweet story, 'When will their love start?'

1. [+867, -30] I'm gonna become Yoon Park's fan at this rateㅠㅠ !!!Whatever he does is so cute..

2. [+850, -50] Is it because Lee Jong Hyuk has that image as Junsu's dad to upkeep but I find his lines so cringeworthyㅠㅠ

3. [+753, -49] Aigoo~~ Lee Sung Kyung is so pretty. Yoon Park is awesome.

4. [+725, -100] Please fix Lee Sung Kyung's lip colour... She has a pale face and all I see is her red lips.....

5. [+518, -44] Fix Lee Sung Kyung's eye makeup. Her eyeliner just intensifies her dark circles. She's pretty but that bothers me every time. She has good chemistry with Yoon Park

6. [+99, -7] I need more scenes of these two

OSEN- Naver: 'Queen of the Flowers', Go Woori dances to 'Up and Down' 

1. [+250, -5] Rainbow has songs too but she danced to 'Up and Down'. Must have hurt her pride

2. [+96, -3] It would've been nice if she danced to a Rainbow song.. Yoon Park looked handsome with his blank expression

3. [+45, -5] I'm sorry to the leads but this drama is the most fun when Go Woori and Jang Young Nam appear. Goo Woori's character is despicable but she's cute when she smiles and Jang Young Nam is so charismatic.. Please give them more scenes. I really like this drama

4. [+17, -1] She's so good at dancing

5. [+15, 0] I thought this was a beer cf!!

OSEN - Nate 

1. [+417, -31] Why did they give Lee Sung Kyung the lead role?????? She looks as if she's reading off a textbook every time she speaks and she's not good at expressing any emotions...... I don't think she fits the lead role

2. [+360, -20] The plot is interesting but the acting is getting awkward, especially Kim Sung Ryung. Am I the only one who thinks her scenes with Lee Jong Hyuk are cheesy...?

3. [+315, -23] Woah- Kim Sung Ryung... Her acting.... I've always thought she's a good actress but strangely, her acting has gotten so awkward.. During her scenes with Lee Jong Hyuk or when she has a monologue.. Even the scenes at the chicken place are so awkward.

4. [+33, -3] Awkward. They should've made her dance to her own song

5. [+31, -4] Writer-nim, you hate me, right?

6. [+30, -6] It's not that Kim Sung Ryung sucks at acting but her lines are so awkward


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